dardanup open

to the winners, go the gnomes

the dardanup open is on next weekend and our sister club, south west cc, has changed the format to make it a combination of road race and cyclo-sportif.  there will be 2 separate races on, a road race, then a cyclo-style time trial.  the winners will be those with the best combined time in the two events including bonus’ for the place getters in the road race.

the road race is only 40kms and the time trial is also 40kms.  there are no tt bikes, sperm helmets or disc wheels allowed, so it will be just like a cyclo.  for those with a recreational licence, you will be able to enter D grade which is just the team time trial.  this provides a much cheaper alternative to the bwa events.

registrations close midnight on tuesday 4th and are only $40 for A-C grade and $25 for D grade.

i recommend that you get on board to support this event as the swcc put on a good race and this year they are trying to cater for the recreational membership.  their club is very similar to ours and comprises of about half recreational members.

there are prizes to be won and golden gnomes on offer.

registration can be found here.

more info can be found on the flyer.

the map can be found here. 

31 thoughts on “dardanup open”

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I seriously fear a C grade challenge first up! I’ll be in the D-grade TTT, Team . Let me know what you register the team name as. Any other takers?

      1. Greg – I have registered a Team called “SPR D Grade TTT” (you will need the password “SPR”). Now I will try and flush out a couple more to join us. Anyone else interested in a Main 2/3 pace TTT? No bars or sperm helment required (or allowed)!

        1. Registered.
          I’d be concerned if a D-grader had aero kit on the startline. We’ll be staying in Bunbury the night before, if anyone else is around. See you there!

        1. yes, teams of 4-6 with time taken on 3rd rider. If you don’t have enough we can pair some riders from same grade up to ride with you.

    2. Greg – we ended up third which I am stoked about. I have your bronze gnome so give me a call on 0418 926 317 and we will arrange a gnome transfer! Thanks again for a great ride

      1. Hey, that’s great! Had a ball today and really appreciated the camaraderie out there. I’ll buzz you tomorrow after the beer and a massive sleep I’ve earned for tonight.

  1. You wouldn’t want SWCC to put in more teams than SPR ..are you up to the challenge … Can’t wait to see you all in Dardanup.
    May the Best Kermit / Jaffa win…

      1. if you put your entries in you can add to the team leading up to the race or i can try to get you one or two jaffas if you need / can live with that 🙂

  2. I registered for this last week and chose the option of ‘find me a team’. I might email the organisers and ask them to put me in an SPR team if there’s a spot. (c grade)

    1. No worries Mike, we wouldn’t dream of separating a bunch of frogs so if someone registers an SPRC team we will slot you in there!

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