update on gary’s accident

a further update on gary’s accident for those that don’t have facebook.

he has been brought out of sedation and his breathing tube has been removed enabling him to talk. he is very weak and tired but is in good spirits and isn’t in too much pain. although his injuries are extensive and he still has multiple fractures that need further work, it doesn’t look like he will have any lasting head or spinal injuries.

he is still in icu as he will have surgery over the next week or so, and therefore is still not ready for any visitors. he is aware, however, of the extensive club support that has been behind him over the past week and is appreciative of that.

once he is ready for visitors, we will approach it in a coordinated manner so that he does not get overwhelmed. as pointed out by his partner, there are also family and work colleagues that will want to visit.  more on this as we get closer to the time