4 thoughts on “My 5 Dams Diary”

  1. Great write up, mate!! Maybe we’ll train properly next year and push ourselves a little harder to improve. Kudos of the day belongs to Nigel and his support along the way!!

  2. Great report mate I enjoyed reading and realising we all shared the same pain………and yes I had a particularly difficult time keeping Vaughan within the parameters of ‘normal pace’…….Spewing we missed the Nigel support vehicle.

  3. Also missed Nigel, damn! Nice ride (except Albany Hwy and Karnup Rd), maybe easier than I feared but went nice and easy in spite of being “Domestique” for mate Jacques!

  4. Nice write up! And yes, was indeed suffering down the last stretch and couldn’t hold your wheel, but the offer was appreciated! Probably should have smashed another gel just before the freeway. Oh, and not had nearly six weeks of extremely minimal riding in the lead up, combined with crap sleep and a strange inability to eat much in the week prior to the ride. Sensational day though. And Nigel is an absolute legend.

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