ride etiquette


  • SAFETY is always the number one priority of any SPR group ride
  • SPR rides are recreational. They are not races!
  • Choosing to participate in an SPR group ride means you have chosen to be part of a team
  • Be understanding and supportive of less experienced riders… we were all there once
  • Give and receive advice graciously
  • Lead by example
  • Introduce yourself to new riders… make them feel welcome
  • Remember… our actions as individual riders reflect upon SPR as a whole
  • Have fun!


  • Be on time
  • Maintain your bike in good order
  • Carry enough water, food and spares
  • Check the route on the website beforehand
  • It is sensible to carry your mobile phone and some cash
  • Bring a positive attitude


  • Obey the road rules
  • Respect other road users
  • Be predictable and always indicate your intentions
  • Never ride more than 2 abreast
  • Maintain group formation at lights and intersections behind queued vehicles.
  • Use lights when there is insufficient daylight



Riding in Formation

  • Riders should pair off 2 by 2
  • Try to maintain about a 30-50cm distance from the rear wheel of the rider in front of you
  • Keep your handlebars level with those of the rider next to you
  • Ride at an even steady pace
  • Close up gaps between riders as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • When possible ride one metre clear from the gutters and parked cars

Single File

If the road narrows and the group is small the call may be made to ride single file when necessary. The outside rider should move carefully in front of the rider directly to their left.

Lead Riders

  • Lead riders must call out all hazards and indicate route directions, and following riders must pass it back down the group (see Calls and Signals).
  • Take a turn at the front. Don’t let the same riders do all the work every week. When the lead riders are ready to peel off they should move carefully out to the right and soft pedal as the group moves up on their left, and then rejoin at the back.

Rolling Through

  • If the call to “roll through” is given, the front rider on the outside (right) increases the pace sufficiently to pull forward and in front of the rider to his/her immediate left. The following riders on the outside move up behind him and one by one move over to the left as they reach the front. Like a chain, the whole group moves in anticlockwise loop.
  • Once you have rolled across to the left, begin to ease up slightly. The rider coming around you is doing the pace-work of the peloton and does not want to sprint just to be able to roll over.
  • Enjoy your “rest” when on the left/inside line.
  • The last rider to move off the back into the outside/fast line calls “last wheel”.
  • Increase your effort to maintain the higher momentum of the peloton when in the faster “rolling through” line.
  • If you are not comfortable keeping up with the roll through let other riders know and ride at the back of the group.

Keep Left

When climbing or in a designated sprint / fast pace zone and you are no longer riding in formation keep left at all times (unless passing another rider)


  • When passing another rider always check behind to see it is safe. Pull out smoothly and call “on your right” to the rider you are passing. Move smoothly back to the left when you have completed the manoeuvre.
  • Do not try to pass on the left or “inside”, even if a gap has formed.


Avoid braking as much as possible. When braking is necessary do so gently and indicate you are slowing. Avoid braking through corners; slow up gradually before you get there if the corner is sharp or the traction uncertain.                                                                     


Accelerating away from lights, intersections and corners should be steady and controlled so that large gaps are not formed.


Hold your line through corners giving the person next to you plenty of space. Approach the corner at a safe speed and do not brake through corners.


If someone has a flat tyre, assistance must be given by at least one other rider (preferably two). The decision to wait or not is made by the group leader on a Saturday ride. The group always waits on Sunday hill rides.


In the rare event that there is an accident ALL riders must stop and give assistance as needed.


  • Cross wheels with the rider in front of you
  • Half-wheel with the rider beside you
  • Allow large gaps to form
  • Surge or change pace indiscriminately
  • Brake suddenly


  • Tri-bars are permitted but are not to be used while the group is in formation with the exception of when the rider is at the front.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used while in the group. Pull off or drop well back behind the group if you need to use a hand held mobile. Hands-free mobiles are permitted for emergency calls only.
  • The use of iPods etc is strongly discouraged when on a group ride. If a rider insists on using one only one earpiece is to be used.

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