Tour of Margaret River 2020

At SPR, we have a fantastic and varied group of women riders, with levels from coffee riders all the way through to National Championship level. The club is always looking for more women to come and join in on the fun.

If you are interested in trying any of our club rides, or are keen to start racing, and would like to speak to someone about it then send us an email: women@southperthrouleurs.com.au

SPR has a Women’s Interests Sub Committee to assist the club in providing:

1. A friendly and accepting environment for women to start and progress in both recreational and competitive cycling.
2. Promote an environment where women can develop fitness and skill while promoting respect, camaraderie and enjoyment.
3. To welcome new female club members and assist them in their first few months at the club.
4. To develop platforms for social interaction across recreational and racing members so as to promote an all-inclusive club free of silos and promote regular women-only rides.

Overall, it is about helping SPR women see that it is easy being green!  

Please visit the SPR Chicks Facebook for the latest updates and meet our fabulous SPR Women’s Interests Sub Committee.

Club Groups Rides

See the ride routes post each week for Saturday and Sunday routes, which change each week. Monday through Friday remain the same each week. For information about which group would suit you, click here for Thursday groups and here for Saturday groups. Alternatively, send us an email and we can suggest a group based on your previous experience and level.


Join either of our Facebook pages for information about SPR Chick get-togethers and other events run by the club.
SPR Chicks
SPR Club (closed group)

SPR Chicks only rides occur roughly every 2 months. These rides are published as events on the SPR Chicks Facebook group, please follow for more details.


If you are keen to start racing, we have a number of local and national events you may wish to enter.

If you are not sure where to start, feel free to contact SPR Race  or Women’s Interests. We are more than happy to help!  Do you know that we also have a big community of women racers in WA? Visit SheRaceWA Facebook group to find out more.

…SheRaceWA is all about supporting women to find their inner bike racer by creating a friendly, fun & inclusive community. It is specifically a network for WA women only, supporting WA women to race.

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