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10th Annual VP’s Good Friday Ride

Trying to work out what to do on Good Friday? Come and join us for what is arguably the best club ride of the year!!

This year’s ride is on Friday April 7, and will be celebrating a decade of Good Friday fun!

Starting at the Coode Street carpark at 6am (lights compulsory), we’ll head out along the old three dams course via Midland, then up Greenmount.

Ride route is available here – SPR VP’s Good Friday Ride

Pace for the ride is Main 1ish and there will be SHORT regroups after each climb, as time is of the essence to make it to Wungong Dam for the morning tea and photo opportunity.

There will likely be a Medio Hills ride on offer for those who think that then main ride might be a little out of their reach. The plan would be for the medio ride to to join us at Wungong Dam for morning tea.

Approximate route for the Medio Ride is here – SPR VP’s Good Friday Ride – Medio edition, but it is subject to adjustment depending on interest. Medio ride will be a 7am meet ate the Coode Street carpark.

Preferred dress code is SPR national kit or any other variation of official SPR kits.

Please respond to the Facebook event (or leave a comment below if Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have all of your details yet) to let us know if you’ll be coming…we want to make sure there is a hot cross bun for everyone!

If anybody is available to assist with the logistics of the morning tea we would be very keen to hear from you!

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