Ride Routes 6 – 12th July

[ We have a number of SPR members that ride cyclocross, with WA Cyclocross running great events that suit serious competitors and family alike. Have a read of Gilbert’s write-up from last week! And… you might have noticed that the Tour de France is on (congratulations Mark Cavendish on 35 stage wins 💪🏻)… with tickets still available for our dinner next Tuesday. Finally, we’re running a Ride Leader course shortly – interested? (more here). One more thing – read ride routes below for our inaugural “Step up Saturday”. Daniel ]

Cyclocross Action — family friendly fun filled day in the park, with some cardio.

Round  4 of the Numbat Cyclocross series was held on Sunday the 23rd of June, and I decided to enter myself and my son.  A bit of fun in the park and racing with my son is what I expected but we got more than that. It was women’s round so my daughter made  inspirational quotes biscuits.

Once we arrived it was right in the middle of the toddlers and U13 racing. Lots of parents out running beside the toddlers and smiles all round as we watched the little uns hurdle the boards. 

Once the Biscuits were handed over, it was mums and dads turn on the course. We picked up our registration packs and did a lap or two prior to our race. My son was riding his single speed Malvern star with 35mm tyres and I was on my 19 year old Scott MTB. There were plenty of other bikes in all shapes and sizes. Both bikes were fine for the long grass and sharp turns but a touch heavy for the hurdles and we both finished.

It was my son’s first time riding a bike in a race or event, I was a touch nervous, but I had nothing to worry about. Everyone (there were four races on the course) kindly gave plenty of room and encouragement. Getting to race with my son at the same time was a massive thrill.

We will be back.


PS – on return to the house he looked over at the carbon gravel bike I built. “Dad, i’ll use that one next time” , the curse of a 15 year old being the same height (Editors note: 🤣).

PPS –  he has also decided to go to the speed dome for kids track night on the 2nd of July 4 30 pm. 

Call for Sponsors — SPR Tour of Margaret River 2024. The Tour of Margaret River three day cycling event has been a key success of the South Perth Rouleurs through the Clubs commitment to providing a well organised, safe and social ride experience. The hard work and dedication of each and every cyclist in the months leading up to the event and its race volunteers ensure a quality experience for all.

Interested in sponsoring? All the details here.

SPR Tour de France Dinner 2024 — This year is the first time the Tour de France will not finish in, or near Paris since its inception owing to preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games; starting in Florence 29th June and finishing in Nice on 21st July.

To celebrate the event in style, you and your family are invited to come along to Chez Pierre in Nedlands on Tuesday 9th July; tickets and details here.

SPR French Alps Trip 2024 — The French Alps are calling cyclists – don’t miss out, only a few spots left!! 💚

The itinerary, quality hotels, fully equipped support vehicles provided throughout the trip is truly remarkable for a very affordable price. Thirteen Main 2 riders have already signed up for the SPR French Alps cycle trip with Christophe so don’t miss out – itinerary attached.

The 16-day trip starting in Geneva 31 August takes you through the iconic French Alps for ~ 700km to Nice. Full itinerary here. If you are interested, please put in an expression of interest via this link. You can also get in touch via email if you have any questions — comdev@southperthrouleurs.com.au.

SPR is arranging this tour to support a collegial cycling experience in Europe with familiar likeminded colleagues.

Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.


Juniors Ride — It’s great to be back in Perth after such a rejuvenating holiday. Now, it’s time to gather once more and dive back into our training regime. Despite the chill of the mornings and winter’s firm grip, our commitment to gearing up remains strong.

This Saturday offers us a promising break in the weather for a morning ride. Let’s convene at 10:30 AM in Shelley at our usual meeting spot: https://maps.app.goo.gl/EqqgtLwv5CKEWWuc6.

Our focus will be on honing our skills in bunch riding as we navigate the stretches of Riverton Drive.

From the Ride Coordinator — Step Up Saturday is an SPR initiative to encourage riders to try out a higher group, as part of the organised Saturday group ride. For example, if you normally ride in Main 2, try riding in Main 1.4. This scheme will run on the first Saturday of each month.

The benefits of this are that you’ll:

  • Develop as a rider
  • Make new friends within the club
  • Complement training for a future event.

This weekend we have the inaugural run of the “Step Up Saturday” initiative and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, consider what to wear for this Saturday’s group ride as it’ll be dry but cold. Making the right choice will make it a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Please note, there is no ride leader scheduled for development this weekend.

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides back to our winter time of 7am. Take note 🥶

Saturday 6th July

Sunday 7th July

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