Accident Report Form

Unfortunately, accidents occasionally happen when we’re out on the bike. Cycling Australia publish an accident report form which, while not only providing a great way to capture important information, it starts the process of an insurance claim if you’re a Cycling Australia member.

2015 Accident Report Form

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  1. Morning team –
    6:08 am this on Marine terrace , at the crosswalk near Forrest street Cottesloe, Bike crash/incident..
    No-one at the front of the group called the pedestrains about walk out on to the cross walk. Causing the group brake hard, squeezing Herlene out space resulting in a crash. The general group was riding well except for a few Sketchy riders or fatigued.

    Herlene Yu was the young lady involved in the incident.
    Expect skin rashe sshe was ok with NO serious injuries or brokrn bones.

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