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SPR Club Training

We have at least one ride on every day of the week. Our rides try to cater for all types of riders but there may not be a ride for every ability on every day. The main focus of our rides are the weekend rides which attract over 100 people on a Saturday morning.

Most people will typically ask the same question when trying to determine what ride to choose; “what’s the ‘average’ speed?” The trouble is, speed, even ‘average’ speed, is a poor measure of how hard a ride is or will be, both individually and as a group. The speed of a group and overall average speed, can be hugely affected by wind direction and strength, road surface conditions (eg: wet vs dry), ride elevation gains & losses (eg: hills!).…the list goes on.

Therefore, the following “average” group speeds for Saturday rides should be used as a GENERAL GUIDE ONLY, based on a flattish course over good road conditions on a relatively calm day across the full distance of the ride.

Ride Average Speed (Km/h) Average Distance (km)
Development 18-21 35
Transitional 22-24 40
Main 4 22-24 50
Main 3 25-27
Main 2 28-30
Main 1 31-34
Fast 2 >35*
Fast 40+*

*these groups will often exceed 42-45km/h for extended portions of the ride. The average speed is due to the start of the ride (first 10km’s) being ‘social’ as well as normal traffic conditions affecting the overall pace of the ride i.e. traffic lights; vehicle traffic at intersections; etc

On the day of the ride, the SPR Ride Leader will judge the speed of the group based on the conditions of the day, with the purpose of keeping the group together if a reasonable effort is made by all. Riders may be asked by the Ride Leader to do one or more of the following during any given ride:

  • adjust their work rate for the good of the group, by taking it easier on the front, not surging or increasing speed (until the group is compact);
  • to drop back to a slower group behind them on the road if they have been overly ambitious in their original group selection;
  • to assist at the back of the group to help dropped riders to get back on or get to the finish

Group rides are ALWAYS flexible entities; riders should respect the inherent purpose of the ride, which is to enjoy yourself whilst riding in a group with people who are generally similar in cycling ability, skill and fitness.

All riders participating in SPR group rides are expected to familiarise themselves with the “SPR group ride etiquette and guidelines”. If you are new to our club, a good suggestion is that you start in a group below where you think that you are at until you get used to how we do things.

If you are intending to join an SPR group ride for the first time we encourage you to contact us beforehand at

Dangerous, irresponsible or anti-social behaviour by ANY rider will not be tolerated.


5:30am. earlybird ride.  main group pace lap of the river before meeting up with the 7:00am ride. meet under the narrows city side.

earlybird 40.93km spr special

7:00am.  8 groups – meet at the coode st carpark in south perth.  all finish at 8:40am at the DOME cafe 167 st georges terrace.  see blog section on thursday evening for ride routes.

novice/development group – 35km. easy pace. work on riding skills.

transitional – 40km. easy to moderate pace. work on group riding skills.

main 1, 2 & 3 – 50km. moderate pace. roll throughs and regroups.

fast, fast too – 50km.  fast pace.  no regroups. make sure you know the route.

As Saturday is our biggest we ask riders to gather according to your chosen group; this makes communication and organisation that little bit easier.

[on hold] 9:30am. 1st saturday of the month.  ride for kids under 10 along the bike path from the boatshed cafe to the causeway and return.

focus group – 7km.  on bike path with kids.


7:00am.  3 groups – meet at the coode st carpark in south perth.  see blog section on thursday evening for ride routes.

coffee ride – flat ride around the river for transitional/main 3 riders

short – 60-80km.  1 or 2 climbs then coffee.

long – 90-100km. 4 or 5 climbs. many regroup points and shortcuts. finish 11:30am.

public holiday.

7:00am. 2 groups –  fast/main & main/trans group – 60km. moderate pace with sprints and regroup points. finish at 9:30am at the DOME cafe.  meet at the coode st carpark in south perth

public hol 58.97km spr special


5:30am. earlybird ride.  main group pace.  meet under the narrows south perth side.

south stock 33.76km spr monday


5:30am. main group – lap of the river. meet under the narrows city side.  good lights essential during winter.  group is restricted to the small chainring.

spr tuesday 36.37km (river ride)

5:45am. development group – interval training. meet at the entrance of fraser avenue near the intersection of kingspark rd and malcolm st at 5.45am.  session lasts for an hour


5:30am. earlybird ride.  intervals up stock road.  meet on the bike path behind raffles near canning bridge.

interval training – stock road repeats


5:30am. Hard ride. Four groups split by pace (see here). Lap of the river and cottesloe. meet under the narrows city side.  lights essential.

spr thursday 37.26km (cott & freo)

5:45am. development group – interval training. meet at the entrance of fraser avenue near the intersection of kingspark rd and malcolm st at 5.45am.  session lasts for an hour


5:30am. earlybird ride.  main group pace. meet under the narrows south perth side.

spr friday 42.01km (shelley)

ride start locations.

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