Get into racing

Everyone is welcome and we have many SPR members racing currently across road races, criterium, CX and time trials. There are races held the whole year round with criteriums over summer and road racing/CX in the colder months. The racing calendar caters for beginners through to UCI age group championships.

Race are largely enter via Entryboss

You need an Auscycling race license and a bicycle plus transponder hire (any race that requires one will hire it out at a cost of $5 paid for when you enter via entryboss).

Licenses are a little tricky these days. It you do not want to race then the Westcycle membership can offer great benefits with discounts to the Kalamunda 100 or 5 dams. However this license is NOT accepted to race and you will need a  AusCycling license. It is a digit card stored on your phone.

FREE Trial Membership license – 4 weeks and you can race except UCI, state and national events. It covers you for insurance. See the link:

Pretty easy so far.

Never raced before – not a problem. SPR has launched our race mentors. Simply email and we will appoint you a mentor who you can ask questions and help you take those first steps into racing.


Race Selection:

The SPR calendar (soon to be launched) details all the races. Select the race you want and go to the appropriate website. Many races are entered through ENTRYBOSS

Transponder hire is $5 per race unless you have your own and the cost is added to the entry fee. The transponder records your race time. Once you enter you will receive a confirmation email.

Race Day:

On race day, you need to go to the registration desk and sign in providing your race license to the officials (they in many cases already know as the licenses are linked through entryboss). You will receive your race numbers, race pins and transponder. Instructions of where to pin your numbers and you may need to ask about how to attach your transponder.

There are normally plenty of SPR team mates that can help out.

A race brief is given 15 minutes before your start setting out the major rules for the day and highlight and road concerns.

Race Kit:

SPR jersey, bib shorts and SPR socks. Rules have changed and jerseys no longer need to be approved. If you do not have a SPR jersey then you can race in a non-adverting plain black, blue or white jerseys until your SPR jersey arrives.

The Race – What to Expect:

The Commissaire (Race Judge) will start the race and you are off and cycling. If you hear a “beep beep” from a horn it is normally a warning to someone in the bunch. Fail to correct the action leads to a disqualification. Normal road roads apply but that depends on whether the course is open or closed to cars.

Each race is different and you may have riders attacking off the front at the start or waiting until a steep hill. There is no requirement to sit on the front or chase people down although rider who do nothing but wheel suck sometimes get an earful.

We normally ride 2 a breast on our SPR but in racing it can be 3 or 4 deep depending on whether the road is open or closed.

Finishes may allow you to use the whole road but you will be told in the briefing, otherwise crossing the road lines results in a DQ.

After The Race:

Return your race numbers and transponder.

Stay around and cheer on the presentations and receive your prize if are lucky enough to get one or for one of our other SPR riders.

Masters Racing:

Unfortunately Masters racing is not part of AusCycling and requires a separate license.  The Masters license cannot be used for AusCycling or visa versa. Hopefully this will change and we will require just 1 license.

Masters is for 30 years and above and the men and women race together across A grade to E grade.

See the link for additional details: West Coast Masters

Most of all enjoy and ride safe!

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