So if you have been riding with us on the weekend or are looking for a club to join, then this is the spot for you.

Since the formation of AusCycling in 2020 and South Perth Cycle Club’s affiliation with it, the types of memberships have now been streamlined. There are now 4 types of memberships that you can get through the club plus a new bonus for those within other AusCycling clubs –

Race off-road
Race all discipline
Non riding
Club Add-On

Specifically designed for cyclists who want access to all of AusCycling’s benefits but don’t want to race. $159 per year or less for U19 or over 65. There is also a Lifestyle Basic which only covers Public Liability insurance for accidental damage to other people and their property.

For members who want to throw on a plate on the BMX track or out on the trails but do not wish to compete in road or track races. Includes all the AusCycling member benefits. Riders can participate in BMX/MTB/CX/Freestyle competitions nationwide. $269 per year or less for U19 or over 65.

Designed for members who want it all on two wheels, a licence where you can compete in BMX/CX/FREESTYLE/MTB/ROAD/TRACK right around Australia, 24/7. Includes all the AusCycling member benefits. $385 per year or less for U19 or over 65.

Recommended for supporters and/or members who are or want to be a club official, administrator or volunteer working behind the scenes in their local community/club but do not ride. This has no insurance coverage for riding. $22.50 per year.

AusCycling allows you to be a member of as many clubs as you want. Dependant upon your Membership category, you’ll have a Primary Club associated with your profile which is important for voting purposes under the AusCycling constitution. After you’ve purchased your membership, you’re free to join as many additional clubs as you want! $25 per year.

Changing clubs when renewing your licence
Changing clubs is now even easier and you can just self select from all clubs within the state when you login to renew.

Extraordinary membership
A number of regular riders with SPR often have memberships with other organisations that offer them a similar level of insurance protection as AusCycling.  This extraordinary membership allows people to become “social” members of the South Perth Cycle Club without becoming a member of Cycling Australia and costs $30.  It is only open to people that have a membership with the following organisations –

Triathlon WA
Triathlon Australia
West Coast Masters

This membership makes you eligible for the same discounts, offers and events that a normal membership would allow as well as allows you to purchase the club kit.  It does not, however, give you any voting rights within the club or allow you to hold any office within the committee.  Extraordinary membership can be purchased through the club shop.

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