Journey to the ATTA 160km Time Trial…

Posted on behalf of Lorna Henson…

My journey towards becoming the Australian Time Trial Association”s 160 km State Time Trial Champion for 2015 started in December 2014 with the commencement of ATTA”s “Birds in the Park Series” and then continued onto the “Hilly Series”.   Whilst these time trials were tough they were quick to educate me on what my strengths on the bike were and the skills that were going to require improvement.  With each time trial came new learning, more refined skills and the realisation of my enjoyment of time trialing.

The next hurdle was to transition from competing on a road bike to a time trial bike…what a whole new experience that was.  Through the generosity of a fellow cyclist I was loaned a TT bike.  I practiced for weeks on end and once again my hard work paid off with me winning a medal at the UWCT Perth Time Trial Qualifier Event in April.

In the same month a fellow SPR Chick encouraged me to give the ATTA 160 km Time Trial Championships a go.   I was a little hesitant initially what with still being relatively new to the time trialling scene and the longest time trial I”d ever competed in falling short by 80kms.  I soon thought well why not?  It would be a challenge and I”d just give it a go…what would be would be.

Preparing for the 16O km time trial required me to go easy on the bike in the week…this was strangely a challenge in itself given how much I love being on my bike.   The day came quickly.   I got to the registration desk, signed on, loaded my pockets with fuel, the bike with water, set my Garmin and then was off for a short warm up to calm the nerves a little before I lined up at the start.  With 30 secs before take off all I could think about was the 160 km ahead of me…arrgh!  It was a mix of feeling nervous but also curious to see how I would go.

I started fast and realised as I looked down at my Garmin that I had 155 km to go…arrgh!  I thought geez I best pace myself here otherwise I”ll be in trouble.   The easterlys were tough and at one stage I hit a whirly whirly down old Bunbury road.   Mentally I was trying to focus on online casino my ride and maintaining a pace that would suit the conditions of the day.  In the last 10 kms two things were going through my mind…I”m close to finishing and keep pushing hard through the tough easterly head winds,  These were certainly testing on the last stretch of road I had to ride.   I kept thinking of the relief I would feel crossing the finishing line and the sense of achievement having given the unknown a go.  I pushed so hard to get there and with out knowing what my time was I soon learnt that I had finished in first place and 4th over all including men…just 33 seconds off third place.LORNA 160KM ATTA TT CHAMPION 2015

A week later it feels great to have achieved something I wasn”t sure was possible.   I”m thankful to be surrounded by the support of my partner Chris, my three kids and a bunch of great cycling friends who in my two years of cycling have willingly given me lots of advice and got me through the ups and downs.  There”s still lots to learn but with each achievement I humbly continue to ride to my strengths and try to have fun along the way!

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  1. Congratulations and well done on a great effort – I think anyone would agree that 160km on a TT bike in those winds, on those roads is a pretty decent “day at the office”!
    Oh, and by the way, it was actually 160.8km, so no wonder that last little bit hurt so much! Good job, well done.

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