Racing – Get on board for Summer Crits

There is so much on offer at the moment, I can’t even keep up with self-effacing race reports – it’s THAT busy. This time of year is Crit season. Criteriums are short-course circuit races, and they are based on race TIME, not distance.

There is racing available throughout summer – pretty much every weekend. This weekend alone there are FOUR options available – Midland CC on Saturday afternoon, while Peel District CC, RCCC and West Coast Masters all have races on Sunday. There is an updated program with links to the events HERE.

Tip it in Thursday!

What Makes Crits Great?
Crowd support – The courses are short, so spectators see the racers come past the start/finish every 1-2 minutes. Even come out to watch a race first. Cowbells, anyone?
Familiar – you lap the same circuit (around 1km long) over and over. You’ll hit the same corners and straights in-situ and will soon nail that perfect line.
Close – you are never further than a couple of hundred metres from the start. If you get a flat, drop a chain, just wanna bail out – you’re not worried about being stranded on course.
Cheap – club races at club prices. You could probably spend more on a coffee in Perth (*”probably”, ooooooor at least kinda close!).
Fun – with race times between 25 and 60 minutes, it’s way shorter than a group ride, you can sit in easier than an interval session, and you get to sprint at the end!

Done with Fourth, The Librarian takes a podium. Photo: Jedsman

Also, check out the Race Mentors post published VERY SOON if you are dead keen or even a little bit curious about racing with SPR, check it out.

Summer Crits are NEVER like this classic award-winning shot. Photo: Jedsman