SPR Race Mentors

Currently we’re in the middle of a summer season heatwave of Crits. And with these opportunities, Race@SPR wants to encourage anyone race-curious to come and have a crack, but with some support and guidance available and ready to help you through.

Yep – the SPR Race Mentors are back.

We invite SPR members (have you renewed your CA membership yet?) if you are interested, curious or cowbell-crazy to give racing a try – with guidance from us. The Race Mentors will be your go to for questions, queries and advice so you can dip your toe with some support. Right now there is a “Bring A Mate” program with Cycling Australia going on, so we can sign you up for a 2 week trial race membership to do a few races and see if you like it….. Spoilers – you will.

What do YOU do?
Email the crew at race@southperthrouleurs.com.au, or comment on the FB page to register interest.

What do WE do?
We’ll get in touch by email.
We’ll assign you a Mentor from the SPR Race Sub-Committee to be available to guide you through the race experience.

All questions are valid, so ask away to your Mentor. We don’t know it all, but we’ve seen enough to understand that there is some stuff you just wouldn’t know if you haven’t experienced it. Let’s face it – any concerns or fears are there merely to be kicked into oblivion. Racing isn’t actually that scary and stupid – the racing we have is safe, on managed or closed roads, is readily achievable and available for all of our members (you’ll need a race license to continue past the trial), and is a great challenge if you are eager or curious to have a go. Have a look over at the What Makes Crits Great? post.

So, go on. Email us at race@southperthrouleurs.com.au, chat to us at Dome post Saturday Main Rides and have some fun. We’ll be firing up the SPR SuperVan again this summer too. Bring your picnic chair and cowbells.