spr kit design 2020

new year, new you. as previously announced, Mayeur will be the kit supplier of the south perth rouleurs from 2020 onwards. the kit committee has been working closely with the design team at Mayeur to come up with our new look moving forward.

there has been a lot of back and forth discussion around colours, logo size and placement as well as the overall look and how it fits in with the perth cycling scene. once we landed on a design that we were happy with, it went to the overall spr committee for endorsement.

this does represent a departure from the club kits that we have produced in the past, but we think that it also reflects on the maturity of the club and how we would like to be perceived. the more muted colours and minimised branding represent that we don’t think that we necessarily need to advertise anymore as most in the cycling scene know who we are. hopefully it should also appeal to those to which cycling kit is more about looking smart while sipping your latte but also looks good on mass.

a sample kit is being manufactured so we can assess the final colours along with the sizing kit so you can order the correct size. once that has landed, we will organise a social event for fitting and orders will be open. the fitting will not be after a group ride, as we would like more than one person to try on the new kit without it being drenched in post-ride sweat.

feedback and comments are welcome, and we are aware that this design will not appeal to everyone (i think that we can say that about any design/supplier that we have had in the past). however, the process of selection and design has been long and detailed and the members of the kit committee have spend a considerable amount of their volunteer time engaged in providing the best result for the club. here’s to a new look in 2020 and beyond.

8 thoughts on “spr kit design 2020”

  1. congrats to come to a decision!
    would be also interested to see how the SPR National (UCI)Aussie kit will look like? and when it is available to order?
    Are there socks, gloves, caps also available?

  2. I like the logo in white on the middle pocket. I think that should stay. I guess you have to have the brand on there. Can that be on either the left or right pocket not middle.

    Didn’t know we had a new domain name. Is there plans to drop the rouleurs from the club name? Or is that to do with space. That new domain is shorter and easier to remember than the current domain.

    I think white text on the back would be easier to see rather than green on green.

  3. It’s very green. I would like to see a little more white on the jersey – to retain some continuity with our well recognised previous kit and to keep our club uniform as visible as possible at all times (given that most of our midweek training rides begin at 5:30am i.e. in the dark for most of the year).

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