Ride Routes 12 – 18th June

So I don’t know about all of you reading this, but whilst I am not a sugar cube – dissolving at the first drop of water I come into contact with – the wet weather certainly affects my riding.

I don’t like to leave for a ride in heavy rain, and on weeks like the last couple, this does make it difficult to get enough training kilometres into my week, especially with a few work constraints coming into play.

And if it wasn’t wet, it was cold. I like the cold, but it is not every day that we have “10 degrees, feels like 3 degrees” reports from my Weather App.

Welcome to winter.

If you are looking for cycling opportunities, whether it is a fondo or racing, there is plenty on. Many SPR riders were racing last weekend in the Goldfields Cyclassic or the Margaret River XCO, and this weekend Midland Cycle Club are running one of their classic races, the Midland 100. And in the WestCycle WA State Fondo Series there is Round 1 Swan Valley this Sunday. Entries have closed for the fondo, but the Midland 100 is open until midday tomorrow (Friday).

One more reminder, we are keen to close out our TOMR 2021 teams in the near future, so if you are interested, please get in touch via the Race Subcommittee (Steve) or Women’s Interests Subcommittee (Amanda). And keep your eye out for a survey next week.

Let me finish with some footage from the Goldfields Cyclassic last weekend. This is SPR’s Kate Bonner leading out the finish for Darcie Richards for the Velofit Australia Racing Team, complete with commentary.


SPR Tour de France Dinner – The SPR Committee is pleased to announce that we are this year again holding our Tour de France dinner. This year at Chez Pierre.

There are not many tickets (sorry, this is what we could arrange), but there are about a dozen still available!

Read me and get your ticket here.

From the Ride Coordinator – Well it is winter now and we know we get most of our precious rainfall in the next 3 months but I just hope that those sunny “windows” appear on Saturday and Sunday mornings instead of mid week. So last weekend we were lucky, this weekend is looking a little “iffy” (yes that’s a bureau of meteorology technical term) but I am ever hopeful of getting the rides in that we have planned after a what has been a wet and windy week.

Recently we’ve had a spate of rides heading through our northern suburbs with favorable wind conditions for those rides but this week we will put “The South” back into South Perth Rouleurs by sticking close to our namesake and enjoying the Canning Vale and Welshpool route. Please do yourself a favour and have a quick glance at the route so you know where you are going. Feedback from some groups last week was that a few took a wrong turn so for your own peace of mind and the safety of there group, please make sure you know where you’re going. Garmin doesn’t always get it right! Whatever cycling you do, enjoy it and look out for each other.

Saturday 12th June

Sunday 13th June

Monday 14th June

Tuesday 15th June

  • Ride starts under the Narrows (cityside) at 5:30am
  • Ride starts Frasers ave at 5:45am
    • Development group – interval training kings park

Wednesday 16th June

Thursday 17th June

Friday 18th June