Not the Ride Routes

We’ve been here before. Able to get out and ride, thankful for that, but a little unsure when we will next get to ride with friends.

Personally, I got out for a ride today, and I was reminded of times in the recent past when our riding was similarly restricted. The photo above was me out for a solo night ride the last time we did this lockdown thing. I was reminded of the water that has gone under the bridge since the last time we were required to lock down – with vaccination and the Delta Variant topical issues this time round. And with lots of opinions being expressed by almost everyone, from our leaders on down. This latest variant is highly infectious, and I am glad that it is being taken seriously by our leaders. I also know that many in our community, both SPR and wider, are being hit hard by the lockdown.

In this middle of all of that, I am thankful for the opportunity to get out on the bike. Physically, and for the sake of my mental health.

If you have the space, take the opportunity. 

A couple of things to close out. First, we know the lockdown period is set to end Friday midnight, but with all of the activity around the country, we think the best strategy is to await the Premier’s press conference tomorrow before announcing ride routes for the next week. We’re keen to ride, so look for the blog post if we get an all clear from the Premier tomorrow.

Keep an eye out also regarding the Tour de France Dinner that was originally to be held tonight. As soon as we have some clear sight of when the lockdown is ending we will seek to re-book. It is only week 1 of the Tour so we have our fingers crossed that we can get together before the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

We also have tickets still available for the SPR Yoga for Cycling Course.