Fuelling for Endurance – SPR Chicks Event

The NSW Institute of Sport say…

“If you intend to drive a car for several hours, it wouldn’t make much sense to start that drive with the fuel light on. It’s going to be far more efficient for your drive to put enough petrol in the tank”.  The same thinking can be applied to going on a long hills ride or taking part in a multi-day cycling event.

Come join Nutritionist and Executive Coach, Lesley Burch and Passionate Foodie Mandy McEvoy (both SPR Women) for an interactive afternoon in the kitchen discussing how to fuel for more than the Saturday club ride.  Recipes will be demonstrated and up for sampling, plus you’ll walk away a few little goodies designed to keep you energised whilst cycling and recovering well so you can keep turning those pedals!

Date:  Sunday, 10th October 2021

Venue:  Earthwise Community, 315 Bagot Road, Subiaco, WA, 6008

Time:  2:00pm – 4:00pm

Cost:  Free for members

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Lesley is a passionate and experienced Executive Coach, Qualified Nutritionist and Mentor focused on building women’s resilience with a deeply personal approach to restore calm and strength. Her clients incorporate nutrition, focused rest, stress cycle techniques and inner foundational work to optimise wellbeing and performance.


Growing up in a premier Perth Hospitality family, Mandy was always destined to be a Foodie. She honed her talents working in and around her family businesses and doing some catering through university but shunned Commercial cookery for Financial Markets. 

Mandy describes cooking as her creative outlet and has had a long volunteering history loving her years at The Big Issue HQ in Melbourne cooking for vendors and teaching them about good nutrition. Since returning to Perth she has been active with Foodbank and Oz Harvest and has recently joined the volunteer team cooking Community Lunches at Earthwise.

Mandy firmly believes food has the ability not only to nourish but more importantly unite people and is passionate about Sustainability, including eating seasonally, using what you have (a “leftover queen”) and living a low waste, single use plastic free life. 

SPR thanks these knowledgeable women for giving their time for the benefit of our members.

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