Ride Routes 30th October – 5th November

Congratulations to our winners of the inaugural Jarrahdale Team Time Trial held last weekend. It was good to see the strong turnout from the club, and nice to see some new kit on show – SPR TOMR and Chaotic looking good.

All the results are on MyLaps:

Team results

Individual results

Check out the winners below and see all of our photos on Facebook.

Winners – Womens Division 1 – Chaotic Energy x Animalius
Winners – Men Division 1 – SPR TOMR Mens 1

Winners – Womens Division 2 – Avoca A Team

Winners – Mens Division 2 – Dome Coffees Mens 2 (**)

Winners – Mixed 1st – Dome Coffees Cycling Team Mixed
Winners – Mixed 2nd – The Wheel Deal

(**) Sorry Dome Mens 2, we did not have a podium photo so this will have to do 🤣

SPR Kit Update – Check out some more SPR goodness hitting the streets soon.

Keep you eyes peeled for SPR Specialized water bottles.



From the Ride Coordinator – Congratulations to all those who participated in the lead up events to the Tour of Margs last weekend (Tour of Gracetown and the club TTT), only 1 more week of training to go, perhaps you’re thinking of tapering already.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to waste all of that training through a little inattention on the road this weekend. For those that have been around a while and those ride leaders who volunteer every weekend, we all know that “inattention” is the number one cause of crashes within our club and that cause is 7 times more prevalent than the next one down the list. “Inattention” can be a lot of things, from looking down at your bike computer at the wrong time, to chatting away and loosing awareness of what’s ahead of you and many things in between. The underlying contributing factors can be things like fatigue, choosing the wrong group to ride in, not knowing the ride route or simply being distracted with day to day personal issues . Whatever it is, inattention is not good for any riders but especially those that are 1 week out  from the ToMR. Over the years I’ve seen so many last minute “hard luck” stories of riders being injured a week or two out from major events. Sure, not all of them would be through inattention, but our stats suggest that this is the one to be aware of. I say that not to jinx anyone this weekend but draw this to your attention because we want you to get back safely to have coffee after all our rides and we especially want everyone who’s done the hard training yards to enjoy the event in the first weekend of November.

PS – just a quick reminder for those who like the red dirt stuff, the monthly SPR gravel ride is in this Sunday again, starting at 7.30 from the Darlington Post Office. Hope to see you there.

Saturday 30th October

Sunday 31st October

Monday 1st November

Tuesday 2nd November

  • Ride starts under the Narrows (cityside) at 5:30am
  • Ride starts Frasers ave at 5:45am
    • Development group – interval training kings park

Wednesday 3rd November

Thursday 4th November

Friday 5th November

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