We’re back. Ride Routes 6th – 12th June

Welcome back. With the state government lifting restrictions on gathering sizes and allowing contact sports training, the new SPR Committee met on Tuesday to discuss how we “reopen” the club. Limits around group ride sizes have been steadily increasing, but the biggest problem for this club is that we often have between 100 – 150 people gathering in the carpark before the Saturday ride. Although the ride groups could adhere to the limitations previously set, the club would be breaching the rules with the initial number of people.
So, what is our COVID-19 plan? Most of you would remember the Pandemic Strategy that we released leading into the initial lockdown. There were four stages and how that related to what activities we could and couldn’t do. On Saturday, the club moves back to Level 2 “Social Distancing”. This means that all groups rides throughout the week return as usual. By “as usual” we mean that there are no size restrictions and start locations and times remain the same as pre-COVID. However, there are some rules that riders need to abide by to ensure that we remain safe.

The Rules.

  • Social distancing still applies. This means no handshakes, hugging, high fives, down low too slow, or general touching is allowed. Please refrain from touching other peoples bikes, and allow space for people to gather before the ride.
  • The start locations in the carpark for Saturday will change slightly. See below for more detail and a new map, but basically, we need to ensure we don’t exceed the 100 person limit, by separating into two distinct groups.
  • No spitting, snotting or sneezing within the group. If you need to, move to the back of the group, but please look behind you to make sure that it is clear of traffic. That is all traffic, not just bikes. We don’t want some dash-cam footage of someone blowing their nose on a car the first day back.
  • No “hand of god”. Like most thing in life, any interaction requires two-way consent between adults. If someone is struggling and you want to push them, you both have to be comfortable with being touched. I’m not going to speculate on the risks involved with hand to jersey contact, but before you push someone, ask them first. If they are not comfortable with any contact, then don’t do it.
  • The coffee shop is open, but please be aware that they may not be able to seat everyone. The post ride coffee is a long standing tradition with cycling, but in this new post-COVID world, there are some sacrifices that need to be made. The hospitality industry in general is suffering, so we need to give our support, but if you are just getting a coffee, then consider a takeaway, so that table space can be saved for those ordering a bit more. Hospitality businesses are under stricter regulations than cycling clubs, so please understand that the seating arrangements are what are mandated by the restrictions and you cannot move tables to suit how many mates you want around you.
  • Personal hygiene becomed very important in the spread of virus so make sure that you either wash your hands whenever you can or carry a small container of hand sanitiser. Limit your exposure to common surfaces (chairs, tables) and don’t be sharing items.

Now as a club, we realise that some people may say these regulations can be a pain, or may think that it’s a waste of time. Others may not be comfortable with any group riding at the moment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and don’t assume that you understand everyone’s personal situation. The club is not forcing people to ride, but at the same time we are trying to set a standard so that we can do it in as safe a way that we can currently provide.
At the moment, the risk of community transmission in WA seems low, but it only takes a Victorian style meat works and Maccas, to kick off the lockdown rules again.
There is also a hyper-awareness on social media at the moment. Please don’t be posting photo’s of groups squeezing together for a selfie because you are all so excited to be riding together again. Let’s keep a level head and enjoy the ride while we can.

Saturday Start Locations – In order to adhere to the new gathering regulations, we need to slightly change the meeting points of the groups. There is a 100 person gathering limit and when all groups are combined, we often exceed that when everyone is waiting for the start. There was a discussion about different start times for different groups, but what we settled on was moving half the groups to different sides of the carpark. This is not ideal as there are usually more cars using the eastern most parks, but we will just have to work around that for now. We understand that the COVID risk isn’t high, but it is more about how the club is viewed from outside. So, please congregate in the assigned locations, so we can continue to hold group rides in the future.

Please adhere to the new group locations

From the ride coordinator – Welcome back everyone ! It’s so good to be back working through a plan for group riding and weekly ride routes as it signals a return to something that resembles a pre COVID life. This week the choice for our weekend rides at least brings us back to some rides that we get the most positive feedback from the membership. What better way to start our “new normal” with some “old favourites” to get us back into the groove. Please enjoy the cycling as I think we all appreciate it more these days.

Saturday 6th June

Sunday 7th June

Monday 8th June

Tuesday 9th June

  • Ride starts under the Narrows (cityside) at 5:30am
  • Ride starts Frasers ave at 5:45am
    • Development group – interval training kings park

Wednesday 10th June

Thursday 11th June

Friday 12th June