uci world cycling tour perth – 25th march

just a quick post with some results and some pics that i have stolen off facebook.  i am sure that there will be more pics coming soon, and i have about 2 1/2 hours of video footage to get through yet.

firstly a massive thank you to all the supporters out there today.  it made a big difference especially on the last few laps when the pain was setting in.  a massive congratulations to those that ended up on the podium. ben, dianne, anna, amanda, stuart and to jerry for getting the 14th fastest overall time.  a great effort by all that gave it a crack and i hope to see a few more out there next year.

if you click on the names below it will take you to a breakdown of their race by lap.  check out towards the end of the race where jerry posted a lap average of just under 40km/hr.

Pos Cat Pos Race No Name Time Category Gender Gen Pos
5 251 Jerard GHOSSEIN 2:47:17 45-49 Male 14
2 113 Ben MADSEN 2:48:21 35-39 Male 27
6 121 Matt UPTON 2:48:32 35-39 Male 32
6 46 Luke ELLIS 2:49:28 30-34 Male 50
7 59 John BREED 2:50:20 30-34 Male 57
10 63 Keith MCGOWAN 2:54:49 30-34 Male 74
18 8 Iain MOYNIHAN 2:57:39 16-29 Male 80
26 186 Wes GORMAN 2:59:03 40-44 Male 84
27 195 Peter MAH 2:59:06 40-44 Male 86
20 20 Jen SIAH 3:00:20 16-29 Male 88
18 111 Menelaos LAGOUDIS 3:00:35 35-39 Male 90
91 11 52 Ben O”BRIEN 3:00:49 30-34 Male 91
17 278 Norman MACLEOD 3:01:30 45-49 Male 95
33 194 John LISO 3:03:50 40-44 Male 100
18 290 Matthew SEALE 3:03:54 45-49 Male 101
2 67 Dianne MCAULIFFE 3:05:25 30-34 Female 2
12 50 Richard LANGSFORD 3:05:53 30-34 Male 105
36 223 Andrew BALLAM 3:07:06 40-44 Male 107
20 116 Andrew PROSSER 3:09:34 35-39 Male 111
3 57 Anna MASSEY 3:10:37 30-34 Female 3
43 204 Paul OWEN 3:14:00 40-44 Male 120
14 51 Jason Wee Boon NG 3:17:18 30-34 Male 122
1 125 Amanda NABI 3:23:25 35-39 Female 5
Cat Pos Race No Name Time Category Gender Gen Pos
9 346 Michael BONNER 2:13:01 50-54 Male 11
11 365 James FLYNN 2:13:01 50-54 Male 13
3 458 Stuart GEE 2:13:02 55-59 Male 14
13 360 John DE ALBUQUERQUE 2:13:04 50-54 Male 19
31 364 David ELLIS 2:24:28 50-54 Male 45
15 452 Mark SCHNEIDER 2:24:31 55-59 Male 47
16 450 John PHILLIPS 2:24:41 55-59 Male 48
17 437 Frank CALCEI 2:31:33 55-59 Male 51


37 thoughts on “uci world cycling tour perth – 25th march”

  1. thanks to all of SPR for the great support today. I’m sure every1 will agree it made going over the top of Malcolm Street that much easier with everyone there shouting and cheering all morning long.

    the chalk display was awesome too and my personal favourite has to be the one with arrows giving directions pointing out which way DOME is vs Pain! XD

  2. Well done to all. Really pleased for all who competed. Congratulations on some well deserved placings. Look forward to hearing your battle stories.

  3. What a great day.
    Matt and Pete, thanks for dragging me back to the peleton (along thomas st), you saved me from being dropped way too early. Many thanks to all that supported along the side lines, it really does help. And hats off to all that endured the pain in the PERTH PAIN FEST.

    1. Yes, I was pretty sad when I punctured.. Grrr.. I guess I was never meant to go to South Africa.. Good work everyone else who participated, kudos to those who finished the race and double kudos to those who finished and qualified.. Guess the decision now is if you want to get on the Plane to South Africa to wear the Green and Gold in August… Good luck making justifying why you should or shouldn’t do it.. 🙂

      1. @FlyingFinn It was really weird, I had just finished telling Geoff how strong you were looking the last time you came up Malcolm St, and we turned around and you were standing there. Unexpected, and no doubt annoying.

  4. Thanks to all SPR crew, riders and supporters.
    Ryan (Puncture) and Mark Schneider (crash) were very unlucky and I know how hard they have both trained for this. They are
    extremely disappointed but there is always next year, cheer up boys.

    1. So i’m forgiven for not passing you the water bottle correctly on lap 5!!

      We have to practice this for next year. Melvin was particularly impressive with his technique and would be a good master.

    2. I agree, without the support of everyone on the top of Malcolm St, there was no way in hell I could’ve kept on going. Cramps from lap 5 on-wards made climbing that f*%king hill a serious challenge. So glad I finished. Must be a stubborn ol’ goat. 😉

  5. Massive effort all and congratulations to all podiumers and finishers.

    Jerry, you are a God! And to think a mere mortal such as I was trying to hold your wheel up Lovekin all those training rides….I should have know better!

  6. well done SPR’s, and big congrats to the place getters & Jerry.
    it was a damn hard ride & i enjoyed it heaps despite my legs turning to straw on 4th trip up Lovekin. Will definitely put on calender for next year.

  7. Thanks to all at SPR for the cheers at the top of Malcolm st. Congratulations to Mike B for qualifying and for riding an incredibly strong race – overall pace in the 50-55’s was slow, especially on Mts Bay, Mike tried twice ( laps 5&6) to break the pack but no-one else (myself included) had the interest (or, in my case, the strength) to take up the challenge. Well done, Mike, clearly the strongest rider in the pack and deserving of a higher placing.

    1. Thanks, Jim. The top two were very strong and deserving of their success on the day. On that sort of course, I still need other like-minded individuals to form a breakaway and no-one was interested. The pace was so slow on Mounts Bay Rd that everyone was fresh for Malcolm Street. Very impressed with your great ride for 11th in our category. Did you get an automatic qualifier? If not, I’d keep my bags packed as several above us will decline their invitation (and they do add in reserves). Going to the Worlds, especially at our age, is a thrill.

        1. In our age group they gave tickets to the top 9 (out of 37 finishers). I finished 11th (out of 44 starters)
          At the Amy Gillet ride in Lorne Sep 2011 they initially awarded qualifications to the top 25% who completed the course, amended this a month or two later to include the top 25% who started. If they make the same decision for UCI Perth, myself and a few others might get an invite??
          Great ride from Stu in our group, too, by the way, 3rd in 55-59 & qualifier. Pity about Mark Schneider – caught in a pile up where 2 lanes merged into one turning left towards the Mt Hospital. Great effort to finish, hope you aren’t too sore, Mark

        2. Yes. There is a fair chance that John B. and yourself will get an invite. Brad Hall didn’t go last year, for example.

  8. All who took part put it an awesome effort. I think this will have to be next years box to tick after tick 5 dams this year.

  9. Well done to all that raced, it’s a tough day. Thanks to all the SPR crew that cheered, took photos and chalked up Spring Street – it really does help lessen the pain.

    So I suppose now that’s over no one is up for UCI loops on Wednesday?

  10. well done crew…great fun watching the race…I can attest to Jerrys speed after trying to hand him a bottle and nearly having it blown out of my hand!

    1. Sorry Shane. Snatching a bottle while riding is an art I am yet to master, no wonder my wife wanted nothing to do with it so she gave my bottles to Melvyn and AK

  11. Have just received the following email

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kelly Moss
    Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 2:01 PM
    Subject: UWCT Perth 2012 Qualification
    To: “jimflynn61@gmail.com”
    Dear James,
    Thank you for taking part in the UWCT Perth 2012 Road Race last Sunday.
    We have revisited the Qualifier positions for the World Championships and are pleased to advise that you qualified in the Male 50-54 years age group.
    Our sincere apologies that you were not presented with your qualifying medal at the award presentations. Your medal will be posted out in the mail to you shortly.
    Congratulations again on your qualification. We will be in touch in the near future with information on the Australian Team that will be traveling to the World Championships in South Africa, should you wish to take up the opportunity.
    Kind regards
    Kelly Moss

    Anyone else sneak in???

  12. my bell ringing finger developed a blister, which rubbed raw & now looks a bit infected. but you were all worth it ;0) well done all of you ;0)

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