Midland 100

The Midland Cycling Club are holding the Midland 100 Cycling race on Sunday April 1 including the U19 Road Race Championships

Several grades are on offer with U19 Men and Women A to E grades and a seperate Womens race (if at least 15 Women racing)

More info on the flyer. Entries via the Cycling WA Website www.wa.cycling.org.au


27 thoughts on “Midland 100”

      1. you’re keen! racing’s not so bad after all eh..? 🙂

        i dont know if ive got the motivation after the UCI race…

  1. Just wondering if anyone is going to the race that i could get a lift with?
    Im racing in the U/19 race and go to boarding school and its a bit far to ride to the race.
    Would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any room for me and my bike.

  2. I have registered, and I know that a few more have registered too. Watch out for the kangaroos. Last week when we were there, there were loads of them, jumping in and out of the road the whole time.

  3. there will be myself and Seb going from East Vic Park. Only Seb is riding (E Grade) – so room for another Bike if suits…
    0415 287172

  4. I have registered too. Last week I have ridden entire course with Mat and Andy. It has a few nasty hills; especially the last one reminds me of Mundaring Weir Rd

  5. tempting, but i have laser tag birthday party to go to that afternoon so hope to squeeze in an early morning long hills ride then go shoot some friends to a crisp.

  6. I’m in, doing A grade for the first time. Not looking forward to getting dropped but it’ll be good training for Sth Africa as Mr Bonner said. I’ll try and suck Mike’s wheel for as long as possible

    1. Had a look at the course up close this morning, Ben. Up and down the whole way on “dead” metal Belgian style roads, so it will be even more of a race of attrition than the UCI. Some quite lengthy climbs on your namesake road. Sleep well.

    1. Shame you’re not riding, Ben. It really is a Madsen course. If the State Road champs are on it in October, make sure you enter.

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