wednesday morning ride

since the uci is now over for another year, the wednesday morning 5:30am uci ride will now cease.  the ciao ride has been trying to keep going over summer with limited success, but now should be back in full swing.  however, there will be one small change.  the ciao ride will now start at 5:30am but still take the same course and start at the same place.  for quite a few people, a 6:00am start meant they would be late for work.  for those that felt 5:30am was too early as they didn’t start work till later, then too bad, so sad.  if you want to ride with a group, then get out of bed.  if you want to sleep in, then sleep in.  the choice is always yours.

wednesday ciao ride – 5:30am cnr of millpoint road and douglas ave south perth.

spr wednesday 41.63km (ciao ride)


15 thoughts on “wednesday morning ride”

  1. What an awesome idea… Just as the sun is starting to come up alot later- lets make the ride even earlier…
    I personally liked the idea that Toby had of starting at 6am…

  2. 5.30 rides work for me…

    Regardless of a 5.30 or 6am start, im out of bed very early in the morning and its dark and cold.

    30m earlier makes little difference its hard to get out of bed either way…30m later means i struggle to get to work on time.

  3. A small improvment to the route would be to turn right onto leach and then left into bullcreek drive, up the hill past the aviation museam and then left on to Parry ave, adds a hill and a slight distance increase.

    that footbridge sucks and the current paint coating doesnt look too good for wet mornings…

        1. Luke the course was designed this time last year to be a flat fast ride. If you want to add a bump to it then I would suggest you aren’t riding hard enough on Shelley. Also Leach was left out intentionally after much discussion – there was a great deal of concern about being on Leach in less than ideal lighting situations. And, when due dilligence was done (ie. 2 recon rides before the route was ever published) I was persueded against using Leach. Even at 5:30 there are too many heavy trucks using it.

  4. Wouldn’t know what the 5:30am ride was like…went to bed at 8:20pm (‘cos I’m a nanna) so missed the late update for a time change. So did Ben and Bother Dan so the 6am Three Amigos it was. Still a great hit out and burned the legs; just like a solid Ciao ride should!

    My view is that we should just have 2 start times for SPR rides; keeps it simpler for everyone as the club/group(s) continues to grow:

    5:30am – All weekday rides + weekend EBR’s
    7:00am – All weekend rides

    As winter approaches, 5:30 or 6am doesn’t matter – it’s dark; and when (not if) it rains, time of day is irrelevant; it’s s*it.

  5. I don’t really care what time you guys wanna start on a Wednesday morning (at 5:30am during the week I’ve already been at work for an hour) but I agree with Robs comments above. 2 start times only is better.

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