Ride Routes 25th November – 1st December

This year SPR teamed up with the Shellโ€™s local SEEN Committee to put on a ride followed by breakfast in celebration of International Men’s Day. The ride was held last Friday morning and followed a “lunch & learn” earlier in the week, with a theme centred around the promotion and maintenance of good physical and mental health. We believe cycling contributes strongly to both!

The lunch session provided and excellent discussion around mental health, with a presentation (among others) from SPR’s Greg Jones telling his story of suffering a heart attack, and the way this event led him to pay more careful attention to all aspects of his health. The topic is a close one for Greg, who had a close call several years ago suffering a heart attack whilst riding, receiving CPR from a fellow club member โ€“ likely saving his life โ€“ and thankfully has since made a full recovery.

The ride saw 70+ riders out on the road with some 25 joining us for breakfast afterward. See some photos below ๐Ÿ’š

SEEN stands for Shell Equity & Empowerment Network, and I would offer thanks to Rebecca, Justine, and Anne from SEEN for their work putting the events together. Thank you also to Greg, our Ride Leaders on the day as well as Vanessa and Lennie for connecting us with the team at Shell.

SPR Xmas Awards 2023 โ€” Each year SPR recognises riders / volunteers for their achievements and contributions to all things cycling. Please give a few minutes to recognise great deeds and epic fails by nominating individuals for various awards in a quick survey via this link. There is a prize of nutritional goodies for one lucky responder so donโ€™t delay. 

The awards will be announced and presented at Dome after our Annual Christmas Ride on Saturday 16th December 2023. Dress up yourself and your bike to win a prize of nutritional goodies valued at $50.

DOME is hosting the awards ceremony again and supports the Club throughout the year by providing the perfect venue for so many cyclists. For this event you are invited to purchase food and drink/coffee directly from the restaurant as usual.

Any queries to Carol.

Tickets and all the details here and on Facebook.


Racing this weekend โ€“ If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. 4F Twilight Series 2023 – Round 2

2. PDCC 22-24 Summer Criterium Race 1

2. WCMCC Neerabup Graded Road Race

Juniors Ride โ€” No juniors ride this weekend. Check back next week!

From the Ride Coordinator โ€” We’re still seeing crashes at roundabouts – particularly when there is water around, Slow down on the approaches and stay in your lane.

It’s going to be warm this weekend, so please take all the precautions needed. Sunscreen and plenty of water/electrolytes. One bottle in the freezer works well, and if you’ve been thinking about getting those Camelbak insulated bottles, now would be a great time to buy them. They really to make a difference when it comes to keeping drinks cold out there on the bike. Avoid wearing dark colours if you can too – marginal gains – but this is when we need them.

We’ve got Freo & Canning Vale on Saturday. Remember to turn left from South/Ranford onto Bannister Rd straight after crossing Roe Hwy – we usually carry on further to Nicholson or Warton. Long and short Hills start with Greenmount, with long going all the way up, and then left for a loop around Parkerville, while the short route turns right into Darlington, and down Coulston. Take extra care with the left turn from Darlington into Coulston, and warn others in the group who may not be aware of the turn on the fast descent. Other than that, try and stay cool, and stay safe.

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides this week back to our summer time of 6am. Take noteโ€ผ๏ธ

Saturday 25th November

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Friday 1st December