Ride Routes 18 – 24th November

Another great Tour de Gracetown 2023 – well organised, ride distances to suit everyone, perfect weather and lots of socialising. The recovery ride on Sunday was rather “damp” but the heaters at the berry farm and wonderful food made up for that.

SPR Xmas Awards 2023 — Each year SPR recognises riders / volunteers for their achievements and contributions to all things cycling. Please give a few minutes to recognise great deeds and epic fails by nominating individuals for various awards in a quick survey via this link. There is a prize of nutritional goodies for one lucky responder so don’t delay. 

The awards will be announced and presented at Dome after our Annual Christmas Ride on Saturday 16th December 2023. Dress up yourself and your bike to win a prize of nutritional goodies valued at $50.

DOME is hosting the awards ceremony again and supports the Club throughout the year by providing the perfect venue for so many cyclists. For this event you are invited to purchase food and drink/coffee directly from the restaurant as usual.

Any queries to Carol.

Tickets and all the details here and on Facebook.


Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. Westral Wheelrace 2023 – racing starts @ 9am

2. 4F Twilight Series 2023 – Round 1

3. NBCC Splendid Park Criterium

PS Our Saturday Main ride (Morley Drive) takes you most of the way there – feel to peel off on Guildford Road and head out to watch the racing 😉

Juniors Ride — We will meet up again this Saturday at 10:30am in Kings Park, specifically at the Roe Gardens Car Park (location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/zwdgGKzdGLt1HdC6A). We’ll do the same training as before and wrap up the day at the Zamia cafe.

From the Ride Coordinator — Greetings from the land of the long white cloud. This place is so awesome you can even enjoy it without a bike! One thing I’ve noticed driving around the South Island for the last week, is how many bike packers and cycle tourists there are here. Most of them use flashing tail lights which make them highly visible from far away. A good reminder for me on the benefits of using a tail light during daytime, particularly when riding on your own.

We’ve had over sixty responses to our Ride Route Survey. It’ll be open for another week so jump in here if you haven’t done it yet – there are only 3 questions if you choose the brief option. **Spoiler Alert**
What we’ve learned so far is that you like smooth roads, don’t mind a few hills, but dislike traffic lights and busy roads. No surprises there! More to follow after we’ve closed the survey. You also like the Zigzag, which features in both Sunday hills rides – enjoy!

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides this week back to our summer time of 6am. Take note‼️

Saturday 18th November

Sunday 19th November

Monday 20th November

Tuesday 21st November

Wednesday 22nd November

Thursday 23rd November

Friday 24th November