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Kit shop open again!

The club kit shop is now open again, primarily to allow those doing the Tour of Margaret River to purchase any additional kit that they might need.

If you missed out in the first run get in and order now!

A sizing kit is always available to try on at R&D Speedshop – they are open until 6:00pm each weeknight and 4:00pm on the weekends.

Just a quick note: The navy blue samples are slim (jersey) and long (bib) fits, and the black are standard. The white jerseys are the aero fit.

When you know what you want, place your order via the link below…

This order will close on 1 September 2020 to allow enough time for kit to arrive pre-ToMR…it’s mid-August already so don’t delay!

Time to order your new club kit!

Things are slowly returning to normal and it’s time to roll out our new club kit…the order portal is open!!

Below are some words from MAYEUR, our new supplier…have a read about the new kit.

The team at MAYEUR is delighted that the club shop is now in a position to open.

We hope members have been able to get down to R&D Speedshop to see the Clubline kit in the flesh, and had the opportunity to try the garments on.

We’ve been proud members of SPR for more than 10 years, and we’ve tried to develop a range of kit that suits the wide spectrum of SPR club members.

One of the main changes you’ll notice is the style and material of the jersey. We’ve tested a huge range of materials, and for Perth conditions, this is the material we prefer. Coupled with a base layer it pulls sweat away from the skin, keeping you cooler for longer. It also conforms nicely to different body shapes, so it won’t flap in the wind, or sag in the wet.

We also feel this material has a superior colour performance. This means less whitening as its stretches, which keeps everyone looking a little sharper.

One question we’ve had a few times is in regards to a women’s fit jersey. The overwhelming feedback we’ve had from our female test riders was that the unisex fit suited them really well, especially with the options for standard or slim body shapes.

We’ve had some really positive feedback on the bibshorts, with people enjoying the standard and long fit shapes. We’ve put a top of the line elastic interface chamois into them, and we trust you’ll find them as comfortable as we do.

We’ve had a few requests from people that have fallen outside the sizing range, so if you find yourself in this position, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through email or Facebook. Our goal is to make everyone at the club comfortable in the kit they wear – and we’re committed to making sure all SPR members have a size that suits them.

Make sure that you get to R&D Speedshop to try the kit on to ensure that you get the right size for you – they are open until 6:00pm each weeknight and 4:00pm on the weekends.

Just a quick note: The navy blue samples are slim (jersey) and long (bib) fits, and the black are standard. The white jerseys are the aero fit.

When you know what you want, place your order via the link below…

The current order will close on 12 July 2020, so get cracking!

Club kit review

On behalf of members, the South Perth Rouleurs committee is currently reviewing club kit supply arrangements. We’re happy to hear from anyone interested in making a pitch…

Information on the club’s requirements is available by emailing

New kit day!

Kit order has arrived!

If you had kit on the order, or previously ordered kit that you have yet to collect, it will be available to pick up from the DOME post ride tomorrow and next week as well (19/10 & 26/10).

New kit

Kit order closing…

If you aren’t on Facebook you would be missing the marketing blitz around the current SPR club kit order.

If you are need of club kit the order portal is currently open but will close on Sunday 15 September.  Access it from club kit page.

Think about all of those sunny days ahead and make sure you have  enough kit to look your best on club rides!  🙂

This order will arrive in time for the Tour of Margaret river…

It’s new kit day!

If you ordered club kit in the last batch it is now ready for collection. It will be available for pick up from the DOME post the Saturday ride from 9:00am until 10:00am for the next two weeks (29/6 and 6/7).  After that time you’ll need to make alternative arrangements via

Please make the effort to come and collect your kit even if the weather means you aren’t riding…I will be making the effort to get it to the cafe! ????

Free junior jersey policy

If you have been around on a Saturday morning recently you would have noticed the increasing numbers of juniors turning up to the ride (and eating pancakes at the DOME afterwards!).  In order to further encourage junior participation the Committee has resolved to offer all junior members a free club jersey!  And in recognition that juniors will keep growing, the policy allows for one jersey per year (as  long as they are a member) until 18 years of age.

The policy will work much like the our current crash rebate.

  1. Purchase a jersey for your junior as part of a normal kit order.
  2. Send an email to with details of the junior you are claiming the free jersey for (NB. the junior must be a club member – being part of a family membership is fine).
  3. The club will reimburse the cost of the jersey on confirmation of eligibility.

If you have already purchased a jersey for your junior, fear not, claims can be made retrospectively.

It’s new kit day!!

If you ordered kit before the last close off you can grab it from the DOME after the Saturday ride this week or next (16/03 & 23/03).  The boxes will be there between about 9:00am. and 10:15am.

If you want to make other arrangements for collection you can find some options on the club kit page here, or email me via