The GREEN & WHITE Race Report

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Element Round 3 Lancelin 22-Sep-19
Teneal Attard A Grade 1st
Kate Bonner A Grade 5th
Oli Stenning A Grade 1st
Elar Kalda A Grade 4th
Nancy Tippaya B Grade 1st
Andrew Lilley B Grade 1st
John Carnicelli B Grade 3rd
Callum Millard-webb B Grade 4th
Brook Burguess B Grade 5th
Will Celis B Grade 6th
Ben Fairclough B Grade 9th
Michael Bonner B Grade 10th
Rhys jahn C Grade 3rd
WCMCC Chidlow A 22-Sep-19
Dave Menarry C Grade 2nd
Amys Grand Fondo Lorne, Vic 15-Sep-19
Elar Kalda M35-39 4th
Matthew Wardynec M35-39 10th
Paul George M45-49 6th
Andrew Ballam M45-49 9th
Vanessa Johnson W50-54 3rd
Julian Johnson M50-54 31st
WCMCC Casuarina 15-Sep-19
JP Grygorcewicz B Grade 10th
WCMCC Mt Helena 8-Sep-19
JP Grygorcewicz B Grade 8th
Luke Winston C Grade 1st
Dave Menarry C Grade 4th
Chris Fox C Grade 6th
Dave Croft D Grade 1st
UCI Poznan, Poland 1-Sep-19
Tim Hopkins 45-49M 39th
Grahan Begg 55-59M 37th
WCMCC Dog Hill 1-Sep-19
Dave Menarry C Grade 4th

The Element Round 2 – York

The Element – Round 2 returned to York again this year with a 3-stage race held over 2 days.

Day 1: involved the Hill Climb time trial. SPR had great performances in both the men and women. Kate Bonner was fastest A Grade female and John Carnicelli spearheading the Mens B Grade in 2nd place and 8th overall.


Women’s A Grade – Darcie Richards finished 2nd just in front of Kate Bonner who got third.

Mens B Grade – Callum Millard-webb finished 2nd, Aiden Rossandich 3rd Andrew Lilley 4th John Carnicelli 5th

Day 2: Road Race

Kate Bonner finished first in the womens A Grade road race ahead of Darcie Richards. In the Mens B Grade Aiden Rossandich continued his great rising form finishing 5th with solid performances by John Carnicelli and Callum Millard-Webb.

Another successful day for the riders and the club – well done all involved.

Element Round 2 York 25-Aug-19
Road Race
Kate Bonner A Grade 1st
Darcie Richards A Grade 2nd
Elar Kalda A Grade 7th
Nancy Tippaya B Grade 7th
Mathew Wardynec B Grade 3rd
Aiden Rossandich B Grade 5th
John Carnicelli B Grade 9th
Callum Millard-webb B Grade 11th
Brook Burguess B Grade 13th
Will Celis B Grade 18th
Chris Fox C Grade 27th
Element Round 2 York 24-Aug-19
Darcie Richards A Grade 2nd
Kate Bonner A Grade 3rd
Elar Kalda A Grade 8th
Callum Millard-webb B Grade 2nd
Aiden Rossandich B Grade 3rd
Andrew Lilley B Grade 4th
John Carnicelli B Grade 5th
Element Round 2 York 24-Aug-19
Hill Climb TT
Kate Bonner A Grade 1st
Darcie Richards A Grade 3rd
John Carnicelli B Grade 2nd
Callum Millard-Webb B Grade 3rd
Aiden Rossandich B Grade 5th
Andrew Lilley B Grade 6th


Collie to Donnybrook & Return Cycling Classic

Last weekend (August 17th) was the 94th Collie to Donnybrook & return Cycling Classic. A testing 104km handicap road race with a tough last 10km. Under the handicap system scratch (the fastest men and women) have only won the race twice. This year SPR was well represented and great performances.

The overall winner was Oli Stenning, a SPR registered rider, who broke away at the turnaround point, and demonstrated that triathletes can ride bikes with a powerful performance to the finishing line including some tactical play. A great ride and deserved winner to be only the 3rd scratch rider to win. Well done Oli !

Kate Bonner was the first woman to cross the line and in a top finish coming in at 8th position. Paul George finished 6th, John Carnicelli 12th and Tim Hopkins 18th. There were many other great rides by SPR club men and women – so congratulations to all that raced.

2019 Cyclo-Cross National Championships

With rain, gale force winds, and freezing temperatures forecast there was little doubt that the 2019-2020 MTBA Cyclo-Cross National Championships in Victoria’s King Valley would be contested in suitably Belgian conditions.

The course at Sam Miranda Winery had a split personality: a long technical section that ran through billabongs with deep sink holes and steep sandy hills, followed by grassy straights that ran alongside the vines and criss-crossed the home paddock. The junction of these two sections was a chicane through a muddy nutrient-rich stockyard lane.

Cyclo-cross is a discipline of risk versus reward, so Friday’s recon focussed on the technical section. With my fair-to-middling skills I needed six dismounts per lap – 3 sandy ups, a log over, a steep and slippery off-camber downhill corner, and a set of earth stairs.

On Saturday morning, the weather gods were smiling on the women’s race. Yes, it was 3 degrees, but it was dry and still. A final recon lap showed that the higher sections of the course had dried slightly, while the hollows and race lines were mired with slushy mud. As the junior and masters women’s field lined up on the grid there was plenty of shivering, nervous chat, looking around to size-up the unknown riders. Each age category was sent off in 1 minute waves, the clock set at 45 minutes from the start of the first wave.

Finally MAS5+6 were off – not a great start but by the first corner I had hit the front, by the second I had them gapped. A couple more corners, some mud and ankle-deep water, past the marquees and on to the technical section. By now I had caught the MAS4 field and needed to work my way through, passing aggressively to avoid getting caught behind someone else’s trouble. The technical section was congested and quite a few riders were struggling with the steep ups – it was tough judging how far to hang back to allow myself an escape route, without sacrificing too much speed. I made it through the technical section without mishap and it was a relief to be able to attack the straight lines, pushing through the mud and water. Pedal hard out of the corners, keep the momentum, let the bike follow its line, relax, look ahead, change gear, pedal HARDER.

Lap 2 and the slow traffic had cleared but I was still working my way past riders. Better momentum, better able to ride the lines and speed I wanted, this would be my fastest lap. I’d lost sight of my age group but couldn’t afford to ease up. Heart rate check – sub threshold – all good, keep pushing.

The clock ticked to 30 minutes as I started lap 3 – the long technical section made for slow laps. Was this really going to be a 3 lap race? It was going so quickly, it was going to be tight. After a season of racing Elite I knew I had the legs for 4 laps if needed. By now the race lines were really starting to get churned but the new tyres had grip and I knew the rhythm and flow of the course. Past a couple more flagging riders, squinting to try and see the race numbers of the following riders through my mud-spattered glasses. I could hear the announcers calling the finishers, this was the last lap – was I safe? Keep pushing, splash through the final mud puddle and sprint up the grassy rise to the finish. Relief, it’s done, I’ve won.

By Vanessa Johnson

WACX State Championships  4-Aug-19
Nancy Tippaya B Grade 4th
Element Round 1 Gidgigannup 28-Jul-19
Kate Bonner A Grade 3rd
Callum Millard-Webb B Grade 1st
John Carnicelli B Grade 3rd
Aiden B Grade 8th
Brooke Burgess B Grade 11th
Sam Mettam B Grade 12th
Andrew Lilley B Grade 13th
Nancy Tippaya B Grade 3rd
Numbat Cup Round 7 14-Jul-19
Nancy Tippaya B Grade 3rd
Numbat Cup Round 6 14-Jul-19
Nancy Tippaya B Grade 4th


MCC’s Chidlow race report

As Ben Harper sang in 1994, I don’t want to be your Whipping Boy. It was just to be. The mediocrity of C grade reconvened at MCC’s Chidlow course for our Sunday Best. With lower numbers registered for this round, it was to be Mo vs MCC. The One Man Army. Funnily enough, I’ve been previously known as One Arm Man-ny. Other stories for other times. The start line saw my immediate future looking bleak. Banter Blokes in black, young ‘uns in Blue, and Mo in green. Go. Habitually to the front at the gun, it is assumed I am hunting photographers whilst looking super fresh on front. OK, partially true, but controlling the pace at my own level also help ‘dem ol’ bones warm up – hot tip.

With 27 MCC butchers (ed. actually there were only 6 MCC starters) they set about attacking in a very orderly, one at a time fashion. And off went Mo. Once, twice, thrice… hang on – this isn’t slowing down…. four, five …….. seriously? Settling briefly half a lap in, I sat on the front in the wind, happy to tempo by choice for a bit. And again, and again. This is getting personal. Still nothing from Young Blue. They appeared not interested/capable of playing nice with the only other non-Black jersey and sat back like a guest in a 6 star hotel. Nothing. Second lap, still in the wind, slow up on the rise and another Black goes. “Blue – you going to anything today? Need an invite?” Hint taken, Blue chased and off they all go. Ouch. Kick, veeeeeery slowly, chase back on. It took 3 km, but got there. Settle in, oh, no – wait. We’re off again….. MCC got one clear and away he stayed. Through to finish lap 2, feeling alright. Hmm, OK.

Lap 3, longest incline, STILL on front, Green was putting on on hell of a show by this stage. MCC noticed. “Mate, we’re working you over”. Yeah, I noticed, MCC. But ouch – there goes the back with a pinchy pinch. Mo out of puff, off the group went. And went well clear. Cresting the rise, group still in sight MCC’s Nathan says “Greg, if you win from here, this will be EPIC”. Yes it would.

If only they would get out of sight, I could rest up and have a chat. But like a weird moustachioed greyhound chasing a rabbit, I couldn’t sit up. Left turn, kick up the hill, still in sight. Crest, left turn approach, still in sight and I am catching. 5km to go, getting closer, they seem to be playing games and looking at each other. 400m became 300m, became 200m. With 3km to go, I aimed to time my run to catch within 500m to go and use momentum to kick past into an early sprint – or at least as much as I had left in the tank. 600m to go and an unnecessary and careless bump puts an MCC down on the tarmac. Slow up, roll around, another MCC has stopped to assist – he’s OK and now it’s 10 seconds past GO Time and I am late. Wind up, go, go, go, go, past MCC, and another MCC. Still three ahead on the downhill approach to the finish line. Catching, catching, gooooone. I didn’t make it, but a grabbed 4th by a bees willy.

That was tough. More work than I have done solo ever. Training Peaks says best all-time 90 min power, best 2019 60 min power clocked. Kudos to MCC. If not for the crash it was a perfect day they ran. And also for the recognition from the MCC C grade boys. They dished it up, I gave a lot and got a nice round congrats for Thomas De Gendt-ing my best. As for the invite to join MCC…….. nahhhh – I’m OK, don’t need a team to beat MCC…. (cheeky bugger!)


WCMCC Dog Hill 14-Jul-19
Andrew Lilley A Grade 3rd
JP Grygorcewicz B Grade 7th
Graham Begg B Grade 13th
Vanessa Johnson B Grade 14th
Lloyd Forsyth B Grade 28th
Brad Stalker/td> C Grade 8th
Sam Flockhart D Grade 8th
PDCC Serpentine 13-Jul-19
Will Celis A Grade 16th
Ben Braithwaite A Grade 18th
Mark Claydon B Grade 7th
WCMCC Chidlow A 30-Jun-19
David Menary B Grade 10th
Graham Begg C Grade 2nd
Numbat Cup Round 5 30-Jun-19
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 2nd
PDCC Casuarina 29-Jun-19
Will Celis A Grade 4th
Andy Lilley A Grade 15th
Matt Wardynec B Grade 1st
Numbat Cup Round 4 29-Jun-19
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 2nd
WCMCC Casuarina 23-Jun-19
JP Grygorcewicz B Grade 12th
Graham Begg C Grade 3rd
PDCC North Dandalup 22-Jun-19
Ben Fairclough Handicap 7th
Jon Hanson Handicap 11th
Elar Kalda Handicap 18th
Tim Hopkins Handicap 27th
Bryan Thurstan Handicap 34th
Greg Murray Handicap 36th
WCMCC Mt Helena 16-Jun-19
JP Grygorcewicz B Grade 8th
David Menary B Grade 9th
Jon Hanson C Grade 13th
Numbat Cup Round 3 9-Jun-19
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 1st
PDCC Serpentine 8-Jun-19
Aiden Rossandich B Grade 2nd
WCMCC Chidlow A 2-Jun-19
Andrew Lilley A Grade 8th
Paul George B Grade 1st
Julian Johnson B Grade 11th
David Menary B Grade 12th
Vanessa Johnson C Grade 1st
Chris Fox C Grade 2nd
Jon Hanson C Grade 11th
Goldfields Classic Kalgoorlie  
Amanda Nabi Womens 1st
Elar Kalda Mens 7th
Leonora Golden Wheels   2-Jun-19
Elar Kalda 7th
Amanda Nabi 24th
John Carnicelli 29th
Andrew Ballam 33rd
Craig Denham 51st
Will Celis 52nd
Chad Egan Memorial   1-Jun-19
Elar Kalda 12th
Craig Denham 19th
Amanda Nabi 38th
John Carnicelli 39th
Will Celis 44th
Andrew Ballam 57th
Ben Thorman 65th
WCMCC Dog Hill 26-May-19
Andrew Lilley A Grade 16th
Amanda Narbi B Grade 15th
Toby Brown B Grade 18th
Julian Johnson B Grade 11th
David Menary C Grade 1st
Chris Fox C Grade 11th
Numbat Cup Round 2 19-May-19
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 1st
WCMCC Herne Hill 19-May-19
Andrew Lilley A Grade 11th
Chris Fox C Grade 6th
Supercross 4-May-19
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 2nd
Numbat Cup Round 1 28-Apr-19
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 2nd
CX ODay 7-Apr-19
Nancy Tippaya Fresher 2nd
State Crit Champs Bentley 17-Mar-19
Teneal Attard Open W 2nd
Michelle Mclintock Open W 5th
Will Celis 30-39 M 2nd
Elar Kalda 30-39 M 5th
Craig Denham 30-39 M 8th
Thomas Perry 30-39 M 9th
Amanda Nabi 40-49 W 1st
Sam Bolton 40-49 W 4th
Andrew Ballam 40-49 M 5th
Brook Burgess 40-49 M 6th
Vanessa Johnson 50-59 W 1st
The Ring Northbridge 10-Mar-19
Teneal Attard A Grade 1st
Kate Bonner A Grade 2nd
Amanda Nabi A Grade 3rd
Kirsty Moore B Grade 3rd
Vanessa Johnston B Grade 4th
Nick Finch B Grade 7th
Ben Thorman B Grade 14th
Nick Kennedy B Grade 16th
Andrew Ballam B Grade 20th
Will Celis B Grade 21st
Sam Bolton C Grade 4th
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 5th
Mark Claydon C Grade 1st
Brook Burgess C Grade 7th
Sam Metham C Grade 8th
Greg Murray C Grade 10th
Ben Fairclough C Grade 11th
Jon Hanson D Grade 14th
Dave Croft D Grade 20th
Pemberton Road Pemberton 3-Mar-19
Olesya Badish A Grade 2nd
Kate Bonner A Grade 3rd
Rebecca Kelly A Grade 7th
Will Celis B Grade 2nd
Ben Thorman B Grade 3rd
Nick Kennedy B Grade 4th
Craig Denham B Grade 6th
Julian Lennon B Grade 16th
John Carnicelli B Grade 18th
Michael Bonner B Grade 19th
Thomas Graham B Grade 21st
Adam Ralth C Grade 5th
Aiden Rossandich C Grade 9th
Steve Burns C Grade 11th
Ross Boaden C Grade 13th
Peter Seizovic C Grade 14th
Brad Stalker C Grade 18th
Dave Menarry C Grade 20th
Dean Fehlberg C Grade 21st
Greg Murray C Grade 23rd
Richard Howe D Grade 3rd
Pemberton Crit Pemberton 2-Mar-19
Rebecca Kelly A Grade 6th
Kate Bonner A Grade 7th
Olesya Badish A Grade 8th
Craig Denham B Grade 2nd
John Carnicelli B Grade 6th
Thomas Graham B Grade 8th
Aiden Rossandich C Grade 5th
Steve Burns C Grade 7th
Dave Menarry C Grade 11th
Greg Murray C Grade 12th
The Ring Subiaco 24-Feb-19
Teneal Attard A Grade 1st
Amanda Nabi A Grade 4th
Kate Bonner A Grade 5th
Vanessa Johnston B Grade 3rd
Rebecca Kelly B Grade 5th
Sam Flockhart B Grade 8th
Nick Finich B Brade 10th
Andrew Ballam B Brade 14th
Faye Daglish Jones C Grade 6th
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 8th
Mark Claydon C Grade 1st
Sam Metham C Grade 12th
Brook Burgess C Grade 13th
Dave Croft D Grade 15th
The Ring Northam 16-Feb-19
Teneal Attard A Grade 2nd
Kate Bonner A Grade 4th
Elar Kalda A Grade 9th
Luke Bate A Grade 8th
Kirsty Moore B Grade 2nd
Vanessa Johnson B Grade 4th
Nich Finish B Grade 6th
Will Celis B Grade 7th
Ben Thorman B Grade 11th
Faye Daglish Jones C Grade 5th
Nancy Tippaya C Grade 6th
Mark Claydon C Grade 2nd
Brook Burgess C Grade 3rd
Ben Fairclough C Grade 14th
Daniel Harvey C Grade 18th
The Ring Wellard 10-Feb-19
Teneal Attard A Grade 1st
Kate Bonner A Grade 4th
Amanda Nabi A Grade 7th
Michelle Mclintock A Grade 10th
Luke Bate A Grade 11th
Kirsty Moore B Grade 5th
Vanessa Johnson B Grade 7th
Sam Flockhart B Grade 11th
Ben Thorman B Grade 3rd
Nick Finch B Grade 5th
Andrew Ballam B Grade 11th
Faye Dagish Jones C Grade 3rd
Nancy Tipaya C Grade 7th
Mark Claydon C Grade 1st
Ben Fairclough C Grade 12th
Toby Brown C Grade 17th
Dave Croft D Grade 12th
The Ring Mandurah 3-Feb-19
Teneal Attard A Grade 1st
Amanda Nabi A Grade 4th
Kate Bonner A Grade 6th
Luke Bate A Grade 2nd
Vanessa Johnson B Grade 4th
Kirsty Moore B Grade 5th
Sam Flockhart B Grade 10th
Andrew Ballam B Grade 9th
Will Celis B Grade 10th
Frank Bate B Grade 21st
Mark Claydon C Grade 3rd
Toby Brown C Grade 8th
Ben Fairclough C Grade 13th
Dan Harvey C Grade 14th
Dave Croft D Grade 10th
Andrew Williams D Grade 12th

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