Ride Routes 16th – 22nd March

Many of you will recall that leading into the Christmas break last year, Jimmy shared with us his cancer story and the challenge he set himself to ride the Festive 500 whilst undergoing chemotherapy, with the goal of fundraising for cancer research.

I, as many of you will also have, received an email today announcing the total of $29,672 raised for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and the Mark Hughes Foundation.

Huge kudos Jimmy.

Don’t forget we have our Annual General Meeting coming up this Saturday (16 March) and we look forward to everyone’s participation. You will see from the voting forms in your email that we have several new people who have put up their hands for the Committee.

See you out on the bike.


SPR Water Tower Challenge 2024 — It’s on again!! The new course was well received last year and it back for 2024. Put Sunday 14 April 2024 in the diary and give some thought to whether you select the imperial or metric edition.

Ride against the clock in teams of 2-4 riders, through the Perth suburbs in search of water towers. You will likely find water towers that you never knew existed and visit suburbs you do not usually ride through north and south of the Swan River.

This is a fundraiser for the club and helps support the rider leaders programme that both members and non-members enjoy 365 days a year.

All the details on EntryBoss or see our previous post.


Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. WCMCC Herne Hill Graded Road Race

2. 4Five+ Tiger Tracks Gravel – Day 1 of 2 – Gravel Road Race (6/Apr)

3. Perth Watertower Challenge 2024 (14/Apr)


Juniors Ride — It is now time to test the legs of juniors with some climbs. So, this time we will meet in Kings Park to practice with some uphill and downhill riding. We will meet on 16/Marh at 10.30am at the DNA tower car park (https://maps.app.goo.gl/sfh9ePEnkdXrL6fN8).

From the Ride Coordinator — Thanks again for the excellent cooperation at the start on Saturdays. Group sizes are looking good, and moving out swiftly. On the down side, there have been a few more spills recently – something we’re desperate to avoid.

Inattention is by far the greatest cause of accidents. Put it differently – riding too close to the wheel in front, and not concentrating enough. If a rider in front slows down for ANY reason, others should always be in a position to follow suit without riding into the back wheel. To do this we need to ensure our following distance matches our reaction speed. When reaching for a water bottle or removing arm-warmers, drop back a meter or two first; everyone’s reaction time is slower with only one hand on the bars.

It helps a LOT if riders call “SLOWING” or “HOLE” to warn riders behind of changing conditions & hazards on the road. Let’s all focus and communicate more to avoid touching wheels, or worse.

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides back to our winter time of 7am. Take note 🥶

Saturday 16th March

Sunday 17th March

Monday 18th March

Tuesday 19th March

Wednesday 20th March

Thursday 21st March

Friday 22nd March

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