Ride Routes 23rd – 29th March

We have a call for volunteers (x2 – get involved!) and I want to welcome our new Committee following our AGM last Saturday.

I am pleased to announce the Committee for 2024 as follows:

  • President – Daniel Harvey
  • Vice President – Andrew Ballam
  • Secretary – Tom Goerke
  • Treasurer – Shirley Vine
  • General Committee Members – Mark De Castro, Carol Dowse, Maurice Hermann, Danielle Collins, Giovanni Firmani, Jon Hanson, Claire Tyrrell, Amanda Nabi

This represents a huge thank you to Steve Burns, Greg Jones and Amy Currie, who are stepping off the Committee. And a warm welcome to Jon Hanson and Claire Tyrrell who join the Committee for 2024.

It is worth mentioning that both Steve and Amy will remain involved with the Race Subcommittee, assisting Maurice (who has taken on the role of Race this year) in all things race (think TOMR and crit season in particular).

It does however lead me to subcommittees, and the Committee’s first Call for Volunteers. If you have some space to give back and would like to be involved, the SPR Subcommittees are a great place to get to know the club a little better at the same time contributing to the life of club.

If you are interested in any of these subcommittees, please get in touch / register your interest via the Google Form below.

  • Race Subcommittee
  • Kit Subcommittee
  • Development & Training Subcommittee
  • Ride Leader Subcommittee
  • SPR Chicks (Women’s Interests)

We also would love to hear from a few more volunteers for our upcoming Water Tower Challenge. Not to mention a reminder to register if you want to ride! (details below)

Don’t forget we have a Public Holiday next week, and especially the 11th Annual VP’s Good Friday Ride!


Cyclocross is back for 2024 — CX is back for another big season of cyclocross! Sunday 24 March 2024 Party in the Park.

What’s the day about? It includes a Skills n Drills session for riders new to cyclocross and race categories spanning kids through seniors.

Check out all the information on the WACX Website and Entryboss.

SPR Water Tower Challenge 2024 — It’s on again!! The new course was well received last year and it back for 2024. Put Sunday 14 April 2024 in the diary and give some thought to whether you select the imperial or metric edition.

Ride against the clock in teams of 2-4 riders, through the Perth suburbs in search of water towers. You will likely find water towers that you never knew existed and visit suburbs you do not usually ride through north and south of the Swan River.

This is a fundraiser for the club and helps support the rider leaders programme that both members and non-members enjoy 365 days a year.

All the details on EntryBoss or see our previous post.

Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. PDCC Hilly TT & BBQ 2024

2. Party in the Park – CX O’Day 24

3. WCMCC Bibra Lake Criterium

4. 4Five+ Tiger Tracks Gravel – Day 1 of 2 – Gravel Road Race (6/Apr)

5. Perth Watertower Challenge 2024 (14/Apr)


Juniors Ride — We have excellent attendance last week, thank you to all, I am very happy how things are progressing with the juniors. We received some good feedback regarding, even though the session was quite hard with two repeats and one warm up on Cardiac Hill. It seems that everyone enjoyed the day! Unfortunately I am on family duties next week and so there will be no organised juniors ride this wee.

However, kids can take part in the first ride of the CX season at Perry Lakes on the Sunday. There is a skills session at 11am and the ride starts at 12pm for the kids but see all the details above.

Please note that all riders taking part in WACX events need to have a valid AusCycling racing membership (the 4 week Free Trial Membership is OK for this event).

From the Ride Coordinator — Some fun routes this weekend – Holmes Rd on Saturday – the most popular route according to our recent survey, and Canning Mills climb on both short and long rides on Sunday – one of the great Perth climbs IMHO.

Group sizes and pace have improved in recent months, thanks to the riders moving up quickly, and maintaining efforts that match the riders around them. Keep it up.

Red lights mean STOP. If it’s amber and you’re near the front of the group, call STOPPING so the group slows and stops safely. If some go through, call SPLIT, so the front riders can ease up and wait. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured into shooting a red light. We’re heading into the Goldilocks weather months – let’s all enjoy them safely.

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides back to our winter time of 7am. Take note 🥶

Saturday 23rd March

Sunday 24th March

Monday 25th March

Tuesday 26th March

Wednesday 27th March

Thursday 28th March

Friday 29th March

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