Ride Routes 23rd – 29th December

As you can imagine, this week’s blog has Christmas on the mind. There is some bittersweet in the mix also, more of that below.

First up, we are again running the SPR Festive 500 Challenge. And as if just the opportunity to ride 500km over Christmas is not enough, we have thrown in some prizes.

Starts: 24 Dec 2023 12:00 am 

Ends: 31 Dec 2023 11:59 pm

It is an individual Challenge to ride# at least 500km in 8 days.

# Road, Gravel, Mountain Bike Ride, Virtual Ride are all included.

IMPORTANT: The prizes are for SPR Members only 💚 and you must join up to the Challenge Hound leaderboard to be in the running for the prizes. We will be emailing members tomorrow (Friday 22/Dec) with the Challenge Hound link and you need to link to your Strava. If you don’t receive the email by tomorrow night, reach out on festive500@southperthrouleurs.com.au and we will get you sorted.

Sign up before 26 Dec to be in the running to win prizes!!

Did I mention that prizes are for current SPR members only?? If you are not a member, why not join up now??

Memberships | South Perth Rouleurs

Now I mentioned bittersweet, and it is. Many of you will know that Jimmy, a club member who has been riding with SPR for a few years now, was diagnosed with brain cancer in October. I have my own cancer story, and as confronting as that was for me, I am certain that what Jimmy is in the middle of is no comparison — whilst treatment is going OK, Jimmy’s report speaks of the harsh reality of the disease — no cure and an average survival of between 12 and 24 months. Discover exclusive deals at พบข้อเสนอสุดพิเศษจาก UFABET and elevate your betting experience today!

But the thing is this — in the middle all that, Jimmy is keen to use the Festive 500 as a focal point for good. Please have a read below of what he is doing himself and for the ways you can contribute to the fundraising he is undertaking. Not to mention that you’re likely to see him out on more than a few SPR rides between Christmas and New Year. Respect and much love.

See you out on the bike.



The Chemo Kid | Festive 500 2023 for Brain Cancer Research — In October I was diagnosed with brain cancer, resulting in immediate surgery and I am now undergoing daily chemo and radiotherapy. I have been fortunate that I’m tolerating treatment well so far, however my prognosis is not good and is in line with other brain cancer cases. There is no cure and the average survival is between 12 and 24 months.

Through this journey I’ve learnt that there are very few treatment options and while there are some promising advancements globally, there is a particular lack of availability (including clinical trials) of treatment options in Australia, leaving brain cancer patients with little choice and even less hope.

Which brings me to the Festive 500. I’d like to use my story to raise funds for brain cancer research, attempting to complete the Festive 500 while also undergoing daily radio and chemo treatments. While I’ve completed the Festive 500 previously, I will be in the final weeks of this treatment cycle, when fatigue and other side-effects will be mounting. I expect it will be a real challenge and I intend to document progress with brief videos and posts from rides on socials.

My motivation is simply to help in a small way to ensure my son’s generation have options, rather than the current stagnant treatment status quo.

Go here to donate: MY CAUSE

Go here for rides/updates: Strava Fundraiser “Club”


SPR Xmas Awards 2023 — Thank you to all who voted, and kudos to our award recipients. If you have not already, do check out the our write-up here – 2023 SPR Christmas Ride and Awards.


Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

<it’s Christmas, racing next week!>


Juniors Ride — The final junior ride of the year is scheduled for Saturday, December 23rd. As the weather forecast predicts warm temperatures, we kindly ask you to meet at 9:30am.

During the ride, we will review drills such as paceline, bunch rolling, and track standing. Additionally, we will have some fun games at the beautiful Wireless Hill Park (https://maps.app.goo.gl/iNmo9hz55FbVDp5B6).

Please remember to bring sunscreen and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

From the Ride Coordinator — Who’s gonna make the gravy? (for the PK fans) Yes – it’s that time of the year, with some extra sunshine for good measure. The heat is going to make the Festive 500 a little more challenging, so please remember to hydrate and slip-slop-slap throughout the week for those doing extras later in the day.

On Saturday we’ll be doing one of my favourite routes – Not just because its (almost) Christmas, but because the perfect wind has been forecast – an unusual Southerly. Ever since they widened and resurfaced Jandakot Rd, it’s changed the feel of the ride completely – making it quicker and safer. But there are a few more roundabouts than usual, so please take extra care, slowing for the approaches if you need to.

Due to prior commitments and availability we won’t be doing the organised Christmas Day ride that we’ve done in the past. Having said that, keep an eye on the SPR Facebook Group as there may well be people keen to ride on Christmas morning.

We will be having a Public Holiday ride on Boxing Day, for those keen to add to those Festive 500 tallies.

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides back to our summer time of 6am. Take note‼️

Saturday 23rd December

Sunday 24th December

Monday 25th December – Christmas Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 26th December – Boxing Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 27th December

Thursday 28th December

Friday 29th December