2023 SPR Christmas Ride and Awards

Thank you to all the Rouleurs who participated in Saturday’s Christmas Ride and Annual Awards process.

Each year, SPR recognises some of the cyclists and participants who help to support the club or inspire others with their cycling achievements.  Here’s a summary of this year’s awards:

Most inspirational rider – Jordan Brock

Many people may not know that Jordan is one of the main reasons SPR has a ride every day of the week.  He showed dedication and commitment in the early days of the club to make weekday rides ‘stick’.  Jordan is also a known character as a ride leader over many years and made a huge contribution to the club – he is an inspiration to what builds this club.

Most improved rider – Tedman Wong

Ted has thrown himself into a massive training effort in 2023… with performance improvements to match. He has shown amazing dedication, commitment and consistency that has been key to his improvement. He was right in there when training for the Tour of Margaret River.  To top that, he has always been a character and cheerful on the ride with the most positive and infectious outlook.

Good Samaritan – Giovanni Firmani

The club has had plans in place over a number of years to do juniors programmes and has found it to be challenging. Giovanni took on the task this year, first qualifying as a coach, working through AUS Cycling requirements in order to work with juniors. He has been pioneering in establishing a juniors programme with a variety of rides and cycle-based activities that inspires juniors. Congratulations Giovanni on making this happen.

Epic moment or equipment – Jane Yang (accepted by her husband Maurice)

Jane has had many epic moments. This year she is recognised for this award when she fell at the water tower challenge food stop and bent her derailleur. The reason for falling off her bike was she forgot to unclip her shoes when she went to grab some lollies on the table.

Ride Leader – Greg Jones

Greg is “The Ride Leader’s Ride Leader”. Always calm, reliable and stepping up if the numbers are low. He has been a fundamental part in organizing rides and is a huge exemplar of what it means to be an SPR Club member. He is “The Coordinator of Safety”, always consistent and considerate of the people he rides with. A clear communicator ….and fun too.

Volunteer – This year the award goes to the SPR Chicks Committee – Amy Currie, Mandy Coles, Michelle Bonner, Belinda Evans, Meegan Fyfield

The SPR chicks committee have done an amazing job this year putting on a number of diverse, interesting, informative and successful events for the “chicks”. Great rides and off the bike events this year.

Best Race Contribution (female) – Claire Tyrell

Claire Tyrell has been with the club for quite a few years and has had a couple of setbacks with injuries, but has persisted and worked really hard to race the Tour of Margaret River as well as a lot of other races this year. She is one of the most supportive people to have on a ride.

Best Race Contribution (male) – Matt Rice

Matt Rice has shown a huge leap in form to become an absolute weapon on the bike this year. He raced in the Tom Lowry and got smashed, came back to have one of the strongest races of his life in the Collie Donnybrook, B grade in crits and raced strongly in the Tour of Margaret River.

President’s Award – Steve Burns

This award is no surprise with the amount of work Steve puts into organising racing events, notably the Tour of Margaret River (ToM). He makes the impossible happen with 90 entries in the ToM so all levels of abilities could compete, filling late dropouts – it is a huge effort and investment of time. But he is also there throughout the year supporting morning training, other individual training programmes,

Steve is Mr Race Guy – he is a legend.  One cannot but admire and respect his commitment to the Club – such passion and for his tireless and incredible work for the club and its riders behind the scenes to make things happen. He makes riding and racing so much better for everyone – guiding and encouraging everyone as a ride leader, and as a fellow club member when not ride leading. Thank you Steve.

Club Participant (selected by the President) – Meegan Fyfield

Meegan is also quick to step up and help – whether it is ride leading, supporting the water tower, Chicks support, filling any gap where needed, she is there for people and a wonderful representative for the Club.

Prize drawer for the awards survey – Tim Pesch

Best dressed bike / rider female – Michelle Bonner for her satin Christmas pyjamas

Best dressed bike / rider male

Tony Lendrum for cycling in a full Santa suit