quick crash update

i talked to both brett and nicky yesterday and received a text from brett this morning. both are ok, in the sense that there are no life threatening injuries and are in relatively good spirits.

however, both have now been moved to the rph spinal ward as brett has confirmed fractures of 4 vertebrae and nicky has continuing back pain. both are due for more x-rays and ct scans today.

the police have been in contact and will be talking to them again today. if witnesses are needed, please make yourselves available to talk to the police, but remember to stick to the facts. again, as this is an ongoing investigation, please refrain from making comment, especially on social media. When it comes to riding reckless on the road one must know that charged with a DUI as a minor is no good.

brett and nicky would also like to thank everyone for their efforts yesterday in keeping them safe after the accident. from the sounds of it we had a good team of people taking control of the situation and ensuring that the correct procedure was followed. for those involved, you are a credit to the club, and we thank you for you efforts. You could also learn more regarding an accident that occurs at work and how your employee is entitled to help you get compensation.

i will keep you updated as more comes to hand.

6 thoughts on “quick crash update”

  1. Very very sad to hear about the accident, very relieved neither were fatally injured.. I hope both Brett and Nicky’s injuries mend quickly and that they do not lose their love of cycling.

  2. I wish Brett and Nicky both a quick and total recovery. I sincerely hope that the weight of the law is able to influence the person who caused the damage to never again contemplate getting in a machine whilst incapable of doing so.

  3. Thanks for the update Pete, it is appeciated. If there is anything we can do to help Brett and Nicky, or their families, please let us know.

  4. Shocked to say the least to hear about fellow SPR riders involved in this accident over the weekend. I wish Brett and Nicky a speedy recovery. I hope those that witnessed the unpleasant scene are too coping ok. Take care all!

  5. Hi nick just logged to the site to read about this awful accident I can’t leave you alone for a minute. I hope you and Brett make a quick recovery and when I get back from America in 2 weeks I will get in touch. I would like to email you but don’t have your info.

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