SPR Saturday is ON! Zwift C-19 Style!

So, we had our first Thursday ride in this C-19 world on Zwift and it went pretty well. 14 turned up, we rode the first lap together and then set the G1/2 hardmen/women off to do battle for the second lap. The Beacon held a steady 2.5-3w/kg (because that’s all it could manage anyway) to ensure sweeping duties…which were largely unnecessary as it turns out…were taken care of.

But ENOUGH reflection!! We have Saturday to contend with!!

There are two (2) rides to choose from:

  • 7am start
  • Watopia Sand and Sequoias
  • 58kms (~70-85mins)
  • 2 1/2 laps
  • KOM finish
  • Ride One (F1/2) pace – aim for 3-3.5w/kg for lap one and then take the gloves off
  • Ride Two (All welcome – “fenced”) – the ‘fence’ means that the group will be kept together regardless of your output; work as hard or light as you like!

To get an invitation to Ride One, you must “Follow” Jordan Brock via the Zwift Companion App.

To get an invitation to Ride Two, you must “Follow” Rob Ramsden via the Zwift Companion App.

Please put “SPR” after your name in the Profile section of Zwift so we can see you!

Wondering how to get started? Try here.

If none of this makes sense and you need help, email me!

Some suggestions to improve the ride/rider experience:
1. try to keep your cadence as steady as possible and avoid surging – aim to work between 75-90rpm
2. try to stay in the middle of the group (not near the edges) as much as possible to maximise the draft effect (you achieve this by minor adjustments to your cadence…’cos you can’t ‘steer’!)
3. watch the w/kg reading of the other riders in the group; aim to match someone you know is about your capability level in real life

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