Zwift Power

So, if you’ve ever wondered what you need to do to in order to review how beast you are following a hard, honest race on Zwift…well…you need to get onto “Zwift Power”!!!

Zwift Power is a 3rd party provider of all things Zwift Events. It takes the data from Zwift and turns it into a deep dive of you performance, how you went against your competition and keeps a record of your personal progress over time.

To take advantage of this completely free service, you need to set up and account on Zwift Power and then ‘Connect’ your Zwift account (the one that you pay for) to your Zwift Power account.

In Zwift Power there is a ‘team’ already created for SPR…called…”SPR“. Be sure to connect your Zwift Power account to this Team so we can all see you and revel in your glory!!

Here’s a video of how to connect it all up!