Ride Routes 13 – 19th January

Summer racing is not over, but the highlight that was the Roues Chaudes Twilight World Champs did wrap up this week just gone.

I would like to offer huge congratulations to the SPR crew who raced over the whole series, and to the Race Subcommittee for encouraging the green participation.

I have not seen the final series leaderboard yet (prior to the last round is here), but special mentions go to:

  1. John Ingham – won this week and took our the D Grade series, and
  2. Jace Collingridge for taking second in B Grade in the final race of the series.

Thank you to RCCC for the series and well done for the everyone from SPR who pinned on a number.

If you have not raced before, but are interested – please do get in touch – we have good support for anyone who wants to try crit racing.




The Easygoing Earlybird — Earlybird rides starting at 5.30am have been limited to the realm of fast riders… till now! If you are looking for a midweek “easygoing earlybird” ride, there is now a 35.3km mostly flat ride on Wednesdays, transition to main 3 pace, starting under the narrow bridge in South Perth. The details are on the SPR blog each week. It is envisaged this ride will go over the summer months when there is still some light at 5.30. 

The earlybird group after last Wednesdays easygoing earlybird with the faster riders on the balcony behind.

The Easygoing Earlybird

Free parking is available at the start location until 8am. Hope to see some more riders at the lineup soon.

On a related note, many may not be aware that prior to events that require big kilometres quickly or long-distance training, there is a “Night Owl” ride, an unofficial river loop before the earlybird. With a Night Owl + early bird + Saturday ride + extra river loop from Dome, one can clock up 160km+ before morning tea.

Canteen 2024 — Canteen is on again 9-11 March 2024 to raise funds supporting young people impacted by cancer. The 300-400km ride from Bassendean to Busselton over 2.5 days caters to all levels of cyclist with five groups, from slower no hills to faster with hills. The organisation is superb and riders are kept safe with support vehicles front and back of each group. Registration costs $350 per person and includes all meals, camp site or indoor spot to roll out a swag, transfer of gear and luggage each day and transport back to Perth. You start and finish in Perth…it does not get easier that that! 

There is a minimum $200 to fundraise per person/couple, though we hope to raise $5000 this year. Why not join the SPR team of riders via this link.

More details available here. For more information contact Carol if interested – we have limited hotel accommodation for those who prefer a bed to a swag.


Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. WCMCC Kewdale Criterium


Juniors Ride — Thank you for everyone who has joined us across 2023 for our Juniors Rides. No ride this week but see you in 2024! Rides resume 3 Feb 2024.

From the Ride Coordinator — The BOM says it’s going to be a bit hotter, and a bit less windy than last week on Saturday. Benara Rd is always a good option in the Easterlies, so lets give it a crack. We had some fairly uneven group sizes last week, so lets try again to even things out at the start.

Long and short hills on Sunday are identical for the first 45km. Short comes back directly via Hummerston, whereas long does a loop up Wallnut, down Patterson and back via Repatriation. It might be a good idea for both groups to regroup just after the climb at the left turn at Fern road, to ensure everyone goes around the same way – Clockwise.

Remember to take plenty of water – and freeze a bottle overnight to keep it cool for longer.

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides back to our summer time of 6am. Take note‼️

Saturday 13th January

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