Ride Routes 20 – 26th January

Australia Day is here again. I wish everyone the best for your celebration of the Australia Day Public Holiday.

For any who choose to make cycling a part of that, we have some good riding options, with SPR’s Public Holiday Ride and RCCC’s Australia Day Criterium.

In other news, the SPR Committee is pleased to kick off this week the latest round of Ride Leader profiles. Kudos.



SPR Ride Leader Profile – Daniel Eigenmann — Most people who regularly ride with SPR are well aware of the importance of our volunteer ride leader programme in delivering our clubs core values of safety, organised, inclusivity and social. Our group of dedicated ride leaders regularly volunteer their own time , sometimes compromising their own riding objectives, to help guide us safely back to the coffee shop whilst having a bit of fun along the way (noting that fun can mean different things to different people). But behind the person delivering the ride briefing, did you ever wonder things like what’s the best ride they have ever been on, what their favourite SPR ride route or perhaps what they like most about the club? Well in a new section of our weekly blog, we are going to find our a little bit more of the people wearing the green and grey ride leader jerseys and we will start with our most recent recruits – the Class of 23.

Our first new recruit will be familiar to those who regularly ride Main 3 on a Saturday – Mr Daniel Eigenmann.

So Daniel, how long have you been riding with SPR?
 My first ride with SPR was on the 26th of November 2022. (Wow that is recent!)

What do you like most about the club?
 Riding in a group. Keeps you accountable (and honest) – but more importantly – gives you a chance to meet a lot of new people with the same passion for riding.

Daniel, do you have a favourite SPR ride route and why?
 I don’t really have a favourite ride. What I like most is that the ride route each week is decided for me by SPR. I honestly don’t care. I just take it one Saturday at a time! Whatever will be, will be!

What is the best ride you’ve ever done?
 The best ride is when the weather is nice, the wind has taken the day off, and I’m riding with friends. Doesn’t matter where we ride, as long as we can share a coffee at the end.

Outside of riding. if you could invite two people to dinner, who would they be and why?
 Both my parents. They both passed away in Switzerland. I had been living in Australia for years and didn’t spend enough time with them (in person or on the phone) whilst I still had a chance. Totally my fault though!

And finally, what is an “out of Lycra” fun/interesting fact that you would like to share?
 I grew up in Switzerland and came to Australia as an expat with Nestle in the early 90s. I only started cycling in May 2019. I may be Swiss, but no, I don’t like hills. I just tried to get to the top as quickly as I can, to get it over with! A little bit like ‘Leg Day’ at the gym. You never look forward to it, but you feel great once you’re done!

Thanks for sharing Daniel. Who would have thought, a person from Switzerland not liking hills !!

More importantly though, a big thanks on behalf of all club members for volunteering to be a ride leader! And whilst we are into acknowledgments, thanks for being the first ride leader to share!!

Canteen 2024 — Canteen is on again 9-11 March 2024 to raise funds supporting young people impacted by cancer. The 300-400km ride from Bassendean to Busselton over 2.5 days caters to all levels of cyclist with five groups, from slower no hills to faster with hills. The organisation is superb and riders are kept safe with support vehicles front and back of each group. You start and finish in Perth…it does not get easier that that! 

More details here.


Racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. PDCC 23-24 Summer Criterium

2. WCMCC Dog Hill Road – RR Baldivis

3. RCCC Australia Day Criterium 2024


Juniors Ride — Thank you for everyone who has joined us across 2023 for our Juniors Rides. No ride this week but see you in 2024! Rides resume 3 Feb 2024.

From the Ride Coordinator — I was beginning to forget what it’s like to ride after 8am without overheating! Minimum temperatures back below 20 degrees are most welcome. There are always a few in the group that aren’t familiar with the route on day, so if you’re at the front of the group and there’s a turn coming up, it helps to signal early, and speak to the riders in front to avoid surprises.

On Saturday we’re doing Canning Vale and Welshpool. Some turns that sometimes get mistaken are 1. Left from Canning to North Lake; 2. Left at the roundabout to stay on Nicholson Rd, before crossing Roe Hwy, and 3. Right from Nicholson into Albany highway.

Sunday long hills is a bit of a tester – Brookton, Peet Rd twice plus Patterson and Mundaring Weir Rd! All great climbs. Short hills does the amazing Irymple loop at the top of Brookton which dips in and out of the valley, and the tricky descent of Kahuna (Mills Rd East) – take extra care of traffic and sharp bends – the road looks very different when descending. It’s still going to be over 30 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, so take plenty of water, apply sunscreen and enjoy the rides.

*** Please note change to Saturday’s Fast/Main route due to road closures ***

IMPORTANT: We have changed the start time of our Sunday Hills rides back to our summer time of 6am. Take note‼️

Saturday 20th January

Sunday 21st January

Monday 22nd January

Tuesday 23rd January

Wednesday 24th January

Thursday 25th January

Friday 26th January – Australia Day Public Holiday