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Ride Routes 26th March – 1st April

The recent Canteen ride from Bassendean to Busselton ranged from 300km to 400km with or without hills over 2.5 days offering a goldilocks ride for all. In the slower levels the roll through sometimes involved a five-minute chat with each person as they rolled by so you got to know all the members of your group – not an option in the faster groups!

The huge support of so many volunteers for the whole event such as 15 support vehicles, trucks, trailers, cooks, organisers and a masseur to name a few, as well as Rotary and Lions Clubs in the country towns to provide meals really takes this event to a totally different level you rarely get to experience.

All participants discover a new perspective when they hear about what young cancer patients and their families go through – it truly is an immersive and uplifting experience.

The 11 members of the SPR team raised over $13,000 to help support CanTeen!

The CanTeen organisers did a fantastic job with their COIVD plans to keep it a safe event including their Covid Man (picture above 😎) to keep the message front and centre.

Of course the Club too has been following the government advice on COVID for community sport and wants to reinforce the need to not attend an event or ride if you are not feeling well; alternatively, returning a negative RAT based on the instructions prior to attending. Don’t forget a mask and your phone for proof of vaccination if you plan on a coffee afterwards as per the government requirements for hospitality venues.


Jim Flynn and the Indian Pacific Wheel Ride 2022 – Last week we saw off Jim on his IndiPac 2022 adventure (see last week’s blog).

See below for the progress update as at now and see his latest Facebook post here.

AGM Reminder – Don’t forget that voting is open until tomorrow evening for the SPR Annual General Meeting 2022. Check your email or voting link here.

The in-person section of the meeting will be held on Saturday 26 March 2022 at 9:00am at DOME Westralia Plaza (5/167 St Georges Terrace, Perth) following the usual Saturday ride.

The Committee requests that all attendees of the meeting vote using this form wherever possible. Please contact the club via the email address if you have any problems voting.

New Race Day Gear – the SPR Kit Subcommittee and Mayeur are proud to announce the SPR Race Day Hoodie and SPR Race Day Tee for your wearing pleasure.

You know you want one.

Unlike our normal kit orders, these items may be ordered any time and will be delivered direct to your door. Order on the Mayeur SPR shop here.


Criterium racing this weekend – If you want to race, or get in on the action watching others race, read on.

1. PDCC Summer Criterium Series 2021-22 #9

2. WCMCC Kewdale Criterium


From the Ride Coordinator – So it looks like this weekend may be our first “inclement weather” forecast for the year on our Saturday main ride with an ex tropical cyclone weaving its way down the west coast It’s a good time to remind people to look over your bike for things like tyre and brake wear and to make sure that everything is in good working order. Which is an expectation on all riders who ride with SPR. The consequences of a poorly maintained bike might not just be an early finish to your ride but could impact others as well. As we move towards the wetter months, now is the time to recheck everything so you are prepared for the more slippery conditions across May into September.

Speaking of getting prepared for the winter months, our Sunday Short Hills and Long Hills ride will revert back to a 7am start time from Sunday 3rd of April. So to be clear that is NOT this Sunday it is the following Sunday. This will mean that from that first Sunday in April ALL Sunday rides will depart Coode Street at 7am after the coffee ride and the Social Short Hills ride moved to the 7am start time a few weeks back.

Also worth highlighting is that over the coming months there will be significant road works being done around Bayswater but also along Welshpool road as the bridging for the Metronet Station near Whatley and the same on the Leach Highway over Welshpool take place. You can bet there will be disruptions and diversions taking place on these busy roads and many of our ride routes also traverse these intersections. Whilst we will do our best to minimize interactions/routes to avoid these works, the ones on Leach Hwy will be the most problematic for the Sunday Hills riders so we would encourage all regular Sunday Hills riders to avail themselves of information each weekend on what’s going on as it is likely to constantly change and it can’t be fixed by chopping and changing our ride routes online every week. So please keep an eye out for changes on the main roads website and let each other know when you find out.

Saturday 26th March

Sunday 27th March

Monday 28th March

Tuesday 29th March

  • Ride starts under the Narrows (cityside) at 5:30am
  • Ride starts Frasers ave at 5:45am
    • Development group – interval training kings park

Wednesday 30th March

Thursday 31st March

Friday 1st April

SPR Christmas Party 2021

The SPR Committee is pleased to announce the club’s Christmas Party 2021 Edition.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

The Christmas Party will be held on Sunday 5th December at a cost of $30 per head including one drink. See our flyer and the SPR shop for the all the details.

Tickets available now in the SPR SHOP here.

SPR Tour de France Dinner

The SPR Committee is pleased to announce that we are this year again holding our Tour de France dinner. This year at Chez Pierre.

See you there!

The dinner will be held on Thursday 1 July 5 August with a set menu at $75 per head. See the SPR shop for the menu and all the details.

We do encourage dressing to a French theme, and we hear a rumour that an SPR-flavoured quiz will make an appearance on the night.

Tickets available now in the SPR SHOP here. Numbers are severely limited (sorry), so get on your bike and book a ticket!

The Swan Valley Fondo is back!

The Swan Valley Fondo is back as part of the WestCycle WA series: Sunday 13 June 2021 

Gather a few like-minded cyclists and create a team or just jump in yourself.

Two distances to select from:

A: 79km 1 challenging lap (644m of climbing) + 3 scenic laps $88 pp*. One section is 11.5% gradient so come along for a challenge. Check out the route on Strava.

B: 51km 3 scenic laps (reasonably flat) $78 pp*. If you are new to group cycling events and want a collegial non-competitive participation ride this is for you. Check out the route on Strava.

Don’t wait – register by 9 June midnight via this link.

You can create a team or join a team by selecting an Individual Registration then selecting I’m part of a team.

If you have any questions, please contact me on the Community Development email address (


* $20 discount on this price applies to WestCycle members ($85 to join)

SPR Giro d’Italia Dinner

The SPR Committee is pleased to announce that we are this year again holding our Giro D’Italia dinner. This year at Cafe Bella Rosa.

Get involved!

Giro d’Italia 2020 – 103th Edition – 1st stage Monreale – Palermo 15,1 km – 03/10/2020 – Filippo Ganna (ITA – Team Ineos) – photo Luca Bettini/BettiniPhoto©2020

The dinner will be held on Tuesday 18 May with a set menu at $45 per head. See the SPR shop for the menu and all the details.

We do encourage dressing to an Italian theme though we cannot promise a prize other than our deepest admiration 🙂

Tickets available now in the SPR SHOP here. Numbers are limited, so veloce!

Lighthouse to Lighthouse (road bike) 12 Oct 2014

Hi Guys,

We have 11 people so far who are doing the  Lighthouse to Lighthouse (road bike) Sunday 12 Oct 2014. Most likely this will divide into a faster and “less fast” group – Shaw wants to make it in 4 hours..I just want to make it… 

  • Down Friday:
  • EagleHawk Bay: Ali K (not riding), Nicola P, Tania B and Stephanie L.   private accommodation
  • Busselton: Carol & John P; John K and Greg E – Geographe Bayview Resort – 2 bed villa – good price from
  • Down Saturday: Shaw/family and Nathan –  Geographe Bayview Resort
  • Ross R and Jo (not riding)
  • Graham and Jennie (not riding) – Geographe Bayview Resort

Below is an overview of this event:

  • Travel down to Busselton Friday or Saturday (2hr 40 mins) and stay overnight*
  • Drive to Bunkers Bay Beach Car Park (40 mins)
  • Cycle 2.6km from Bunkers Bay Beach Car Park to Naturaliste Lighthouse
  • Sign in ~6.30am for 7am start
  • Note: supporters travelling by car along the route should leave before cyclists
  • Cycle 120km
  • Bus from Leeuwin Lighthouse leaves at 1:00pm – bikes transferred in separate vehicle – $30 one way and casino can book when register
  • Drive back to Perth ~ leaving 3pm arrive 6.15pm (3hr 15 min)

Accommodation is filling up fast as the event is at the end of the school holidays. Registration for the ride is now open $75 pp – if you need to book the return bus back to the start, you can do this when you register. Just select the option from “merchandise” at the end of your registration.  This is not officially sponsored by SPR and each person would be responsible for making their own arrangements.

More information and registration


Swan Valley Cylco Sportif 29 June 2014

With an impressive total of 72 riders comprising a grand total 9 Teams, the South Perth Rouleurs well & truly dominated the 2014 Swan Valley Cyclo again this year.  SPR also took the lead in creative & original team names… they were there in abundance but left a massive chain ring of unanswered questions… like if the Princesses really were?  Could the Chasers chase?  Were the Good Old Boys actually any good… or just old?   And would the speed prove fatal for our Femme Fatales?  Would the SPRring Chickens cross the white line?  And most importantly, did the Didyabringabee do as they promised?!

But with the Club providing pastry’s at the start (thanks Laurensia for the extra carb boost!) and drinks available at the end to reload, through the chattering of teeth the mood was positive if not a tad chilly so jackets were back on pretty quickly after the official photo was taken.

Proving you can teach old dogs new tricks (like where you ankle is located!) this year we were able to ensure every Team registered a time…   and some very good times at that.  In fact SPR recorded the fastest time on the day & hold the proud honour of having the ONLY team on the day to break into 40+km/hr territory!  Outstanding given the headwinds that sprang up on the last 2 laps. But which team?!  According to the “official” results it was SPR Femme Fatale’s though there seems to be some ongoing dissention from the SPR Chocolate Canards who were ducking for cover when they read BWA had only registered their ride at 35.292 km/hr.   The suggestion has been made that those 2 teams need sort it out between themselves with a rematch… or at the very least, Garmin duel at 20 paces?

Meanwhile, the Good Old Boys were congratulating themselves for contributing to the girls excellent result by being true gentlemen & overtaking the girls on the 2nd lap & allowing the Femme Fatales to draft behind them… adamant they were only trying to help them, the girls were having none of it & showing true Cyclo etiquette of “no drafting” soon over took the G.O.B. for a second time to prove they didn’t need their help. In other words. Yes. They got “chicked”.

Importantly, everyone had a safe ride and there seemed to be a little less “white line fever” on the course and the only incidents were when one team (who shall remain unnamed) decided it was necessary to stop for a wardrobe adjustment (… girls?! Well, you never know where those dreaded cameras will pop up do you?!) .& despite employing the dubious tactic of placing an (ex) Policeman on their team, Didyabringabeer  had to wait 5 minutes for a wide load to go by.

Overall, a great day was had by all and while we are told numbers were down on past Cyclo Swan Valley rides (& it would be interesting to hear from anyone who feels there is anything different we can do as a Club can do to encourage even more to participate next year?) everyone who participated did South Perth Rouleurs proud.  Well done & thank you.

SWAN VALLEY CYCLOSPORTIF BWA  2014 – 80 (5 laps) & 64 (4 laps) KM
60 SPR Femme Fatale 5 2:03:03 40.153
65 SPRing Chickens 5 2:11:01 37.711
61 SPR Chocolate Canard 5 2:20:00 35.292
62 SPR Good Old Boys 5 2:21:51 34.834
18 Didyabringabeer 5 2:34:19 32.017
63 SPR Pedaleurs 5 2:38:09 31.243
98 SPR Main 3 – 4 4 2:09:33 30.514
64 SPR Team M23 5 2:42:47 30.355
97 SPR Chasers 4 2:28:14 26.666


Swan Valley Cyclo – Pastries & Info Pak

Swan Valley Cyclo Info Pak 2014 ALL RIDERS

NOTE: SPR are providing pastries for all members before the start of the ride and there will be an official SPR photo taken of the group before the start of the event at the Velodrome.

Please note that VenuesWest has introduced a $5 parking fee which will be payable in cash on arrival if you chose to park within the SpeedDome car park.

Cyclo Sportif Swan Valley 29 June Sunday – list updated 21 June 












SPR Chocolate Canard

SPRing Chickens

Femme Fatale

SPR Good Old Boys*

Didyabring abeer

SPR Pedaleurs

SPR Main 23

SPR Main 3/4

SPR Chasers






















Fast /Main

Fast /Main

Fast /Main

Main 1.5

Main 2

Main 2/3

Main 3/4




Jordan B

Niv G

Anna S

Graham H

Travis K

Peter L

Leigh O

Shane W

Carol D


Alistair D


Anna M

Davie G

Mark L

Tony B

Sam F

Jane M

Vicky B


Dan B

Steph W

Amanda N

Andrew W

Cameron D

Martin S

Tanya N

Lesley B

Susanne B


Craig J

Dean R

Anke H

Paul B

Jason G

Vince Y


Belinda E

Graham R
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Julian J

Shane G

Megs T

Mark T

John P

Ben K

Steph L

Chris T

Tania B


Ben O

Megan B

Andrew W

Lom P

Keith K

Kath D

Meegan F

 Rebecca K


Stuart I


Emma G

Liam W

Greg M

Andrew S?

Judy G

 Andrew S

Andrew WP?


Mike B


Alison R


Wayne A


Sarah S


 Mrs PG



Lorna H 

Jay R

Tony D

John K 

Janice G













Green for registered  Its great fun, especially for a first competitive event.. its not a race!  right! cheers SPR Social Club

Bupa Bike Hike_Any SPR Riders?

For tomorrows Bupa Bike Hike, I know of four SPR Riders lining up for the 80km distance – Ross, Andrew, Bill and myself . If you are interested in joining, we  intend to meet at the water tank opposite the tent where we registered around 6.10am ready for a 6.30am start – not sure if Andrew knows this yet!

The route for this years ride is longer, starts and finishes at Langley Park so will be easier to get to and from.. all for a good cause…

Cheers  Carol

FOUND Bike Tool Pouch 7 Dec Albany Hwy

I have a tool pouch which dropped off a bike on Albany Hwy Sat morning transition ride (7 Dec) that suits a deep dish wheel (also contains a canister + mini pump).

We believe it may have come from the SPR main 1 group that past the transition ride soon after Nicholson and Albany intersection…… the first of several groups to pass us.. .

I ran over the tool pouch .. so it is now in need of a few repairs.

I will be at the ride on Saturday with the pouch if the owner is able to collect it…