2022 SPR Ride Leaders Program – Call for Expressions of Interest

SPR’s training rides set us apart as a cycling Club; we are one of the few clubs in Australia that is not affiliated with a bike shop facilitating a broad range of opportunities for people to cycle in a group every day. Since its inception in 2009, a key feature of the feedback the Club receives is the need to improve the way our group rides are led. With more consistent, trained and visible ride leaders, the result will be safer, more enjoyable ride experiences for all.

To this end, the Club developed a ride leader development program, with the objectives of:

  1. Developing SPR ride leaders’ knowledge and skills of both ride leadership and core cycling skills
  2. Building the confidence of ride leaders to ensure ride consistency and enhanced decision making during group rides
  3. Growing the pool of capable, confident ride leaders

We are now seeking Expressions of Interest from SPR members who would like to be part of our next public Ride Leader Development Program. The Program consists of four separate but related components:

  1. Theory: covers the core knowledge and skills required to be an effective ride leader for group rides across the Main, Transition and Development rides conducted by SPR (+/- 2hrs personal time)
  2. Skills Sessions: out on the bike, learning all about what it takes to be a good ride leader as well as having the opportunity to practice your skills and ideas in a “safe” environment. (2 x 2.5/3 hours sessions)
  3. Online Scenario Discussion: covering a few common scenarios that you may find in ride leading and joined by experienced ride leaders sharing their knowledge and stories when exposed to similar scenarios. (1 x 1.5/2 hour session)
  4. Ride Leader Observations: This will involve you being the ride leader for two(2) to three (3) separate SPR training rides with an observer to determine how you go about deploying your skills and knowledge in the “real world” environment. (2 – 3 ‘normal’ training rides, weekdays or weekends as required)

As a participant, you will get:

  1. New Skills: You will learn new skills and knowledge about cycling as well as ride leadership.
  2. Kudos: Be part of the “qualified” ride leader team out on the road.
  3. Stuff: Upon successful completion, Program participants will receive a custom SPR Ride Leader jersey to be worn whenever you are leading a SPR ride.
  4. On Going Development: Access to private discussion groups; coaching and skills development; ride-leader only events.

In return, once you have completed the Program, we will expect your commitment to the following:

  1. Lead a minimum of 2 Saturday main rides* per month throughout the year
  2. Be a role model for ride behaviour on ALL rides you participate in
  3. Assist in the recruitment and mentorship of future ride leaders
  4. Assist in training/observing people for their readiness to take on the role of Ride Leader.

* All prospective ride leaders should note that, from time to time, they will need be called on to lead rides of a lower skill &/or fitness level than their own. This means putting the interests of the Club and other riders before their own.

We are now seeking expressions of interest from SPR members who regularly ride with any group ie Main 1, 2, 3 & 4 as well as Transition and Development groups.  While the ability to ride at or above the level of the group you are leading is important, just as critical is the constructive attitude and sound communication skills that are brought to the role. Empathy, care and the ability to encourage others is essential to the success of the ride leader.
In the event we are over-subscribed, the Development and Training sub-committee will use the quality & content of the EOI’s as well as the need to balance the mix of ride leaders to select the required number of participants. Anyone who is not selected shouldn’t be discouraged; it’s a numbers thing (us) rather than a capability thing (you).

As part of your EOI, we’d like you to outline:

  1. What you hope to get out of being a SPR ride leader
  2. Why you feel you will make a good contributor to ride leader team
  3. Which SPR group you usually ride with (M2, M3, M4, T), and
  4. Your statement of commitment to the role of ride leader in terms of time to complete the Program and to lead the requisite number of rides per month

We anticipate kicking the Program off on the 1st August with access to the theory being provided and completing it by early September with the first 3 weeks of August being critical in terms of availability for the two (2) skills sessions as well as the online discussion forum.

If interested, please submit your EOI via this form before Tuesday 26 July:


There is space for questions as part of the EOI, but if you have any questions about the Ride Leader Program before submitting your EOI, please send them through to development@southperthrouleurs.com.au and we will get back to you ASAP.

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